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All rights reserved. 2021 The Hunturdeals Alarm over delays in border measures as Brazil Covid variant hits UK /world/2021/feb/28/person-believed-to-have-brazilian-covid-variant-being-sought-in-england <p>Up to three cases of highly transmissible variant have been found in England and a further three in Scotland </p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>The government is facing urgent calls for tougher border measures after UK officials said they were searching for one of six people infected with the highly transmissible Brazilian coronavirus variant.</p><p>Public Health England said on Sunday that three cases of the variant had been detected in England and three in Scotland, but that the identity of one of those carrying the virus was unknown as they had not provided their contact details.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/person-believed-to-have-brazilian-covid-variant-being-sought-in-england">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus Health England Scotland UK news NHS Sun, 28 Feb 2021 20:16:28 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/person-believed-to-have-brazilian-covid-variant-being-sought-in-england Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Hunturdeals Linda Geddes 2021-02-28T20:16:28Z 'Myanmar is like a battlefield': UN says at least 18 dead as security forces fire on protesters /world/2021/feb/28/myanmar-protesters-clash-police-grenades-democracy-junta-fires-outspoken-un-envoy <p>Police and troops crack down on rallies held across the country in defiance of junta</p><p>At least 18 people have been killed, according to the UN, after security forces in Myanmar used lethal violence against anti-coup protesters in the most deadly crackdown since the military seized power at the start of February.</p><p>Live bullets, stun grenades and teargas were fired at demonstrators in several towns and cities as police, backed by troops, attempted to stamp out countrywide rallies held in defiance of the junta.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/myanmar-protesters-clash-police-grenades-democracy-junta-fires-outspoken-un-envoy">Continue reading...</a> Myanmar South and Central Asia World news Aung San Suu Kyi Protest Sun, 28 Feb 2021 18:46:11 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/myanmar-protesters-clash-police-grenades-democracy-junta-fires-outspoken-un-envoy Photograph: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA Photograph: Lynn Bo Bo/EPA A reporter in Yangon and Rebecca Ratcliffe 2021-02-28T18:46:11Z 'Red wall' Tory MPs urge Sunak to cut business rates for shops /uk-news/2021/feb/28/red-wall-tory-mps-urge-sunak-to-cut-business-rates-for-shops <p>Northern MPs tell chancellor his budget should protect high street and tax online retailers such as Amazon</p><p>Rishi Sunak is under increasing pressure from Conservative “red wall” MPs to go beyond existing support for the UK economy in <a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/27/what-will-be-in-rishi-sunaks-2021-budget">Wednesday’s budget</a> and cut taxes for thousands of retailers.</p><p>MPs across the political spectrum are increasingly uneasy that he may introduce income tax rises for middle earners, and the chancellor is facing calls from 45 northern Tories to make “a bold move to reduce business rates”.</p> <a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/28/red-wall-tory-mps-urge-sunak-to-cut-business-rates-for-shops">Continue reading...</a> Budget 2021 Retail industry Rishi Sunak Politics North of England Conservatives Coronavirus Economic growth (GDP) Tax and spending UK news Amazon Business E-commerce Economics Internet Unemployment Gordon Brown Hospitality industry Sun, 28 Feb 2021 22:30:05 GMT /uk-news/2021/feb/28/red-wall-tory-mps-urge-sunak-to-cut-business-rates-for-shops Photograph: BBC Picture Publicity/Getty Images Photograph: BBC Picture Publicity/Getty Images Rajeev Syal and Phillip Inman 2021-02-28T22:30:05Z Eviction orders being issued despite UK government Covid pledge /society/2021/feb/28/eviction-orders-being-issued-despite-uk-government-covid-pledge <p> Tenants in rent arrears are facing eviction after Covid tenancy rules were quietly changed<br></p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>Eviction orders are being issued to tenants who have run up rent arrears because of the pandemic despite a <a href="">promise</a> by the housing secretary, Robert Jenrick, that “no renter who has lost income due to coronavirus will be forced out of their home”.</p><p>Twenty members of the London Renters Union are among those facing the first court proceedings after the government quietly changed its eviction ban last month to allow landlords to throw out tenants who had fallen into arrears as a result of Covid.</p> <a href="/society/2021/feb/28/eviction-orders-being-issued-despite-uk-government-covid-pledge">Continue reading...</a> Housing Robert Jenrick Coronavirus Communities Politics Society UK news London Sun, 28 Feb 2021 16:00:17 GMT /society/2021/feb/28/eviction-orders-being-issued-despite-uk-government-covid-pledge Photograph: Graeme Robertson/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Graeme Robertson/The Hunturdeals Robert Booth Social affairs correspondent 2021-02-28T16:00:17Z CPAC: pent-up Trump denounces Biden at rightwing summit /us-news/2021/feb/28/cpac-donald-trump-speech-rightwing-summit-florida <p>Ex-president repeats false claims that he won 2020 election and floats possible run in 2024 in speech</p><p>Donald Trump on Sunday launched his attempted political comeback, teasing a possible run for the presidency in 2024 and denouncing Joe Biden for “the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history”.</p><p>The former president made his first speech since leaving the White House at the rightwing Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, to<strong> </strong>an effusive reception.</p> <a href="/us-news/2021/feb/28/cpac-donald-trump-speech-rightwing-summit-florida">Continue reading...</a> CPAC Donald Trump Florida US news US politics Republicans Sun, 28 Feb 2021 23:31:46 GMT /us-news/2021/feb/28/cpac-donald-trump-speech-rightwing-summit-florida Photograph: Joe Skipper/Reuters Photograph: Joe Skipper/Reuters David Smith in Washington 2021-02-28T23:31:46Z White House defends move not to sanction Saudi crown prince /world/2021/feb/28/white-house-defends-not-sanction-saudi-crown-prince-khashoggi-killing <p>Decision not to punish royal over Khashoggi killing ‘leaves room to work on areas of mutual agreement’</p><p>The White House has defended its decision not to directly sanction Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman over the killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as criticism grew before Washington’s unveiling of a new policy towards Riyadh on Monday.</p><p>The White House spokesperson, Jen Psaki, stood by the move not to target the crown prince in an interview on Sunday, despite human rights groups and some senior Democrats expressing dismay that the administration had held him culpable, <a href="/world/2021/feb/26/jamal-khashoggi-mohammed-bin-salman-us-report">publishing an intelligence assessment</a> that he had approved the killing of Khashoggi, without holding him accountable.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/white-house-defends-not-sanction-saudi-crown-prince-khashoggi-killing">Continue reading...</a> Mohammed bin Salman Jamal Khashoggi US news Biden administration King Salman Saudi Arabia Middle East and North Africa World news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 19:12:31 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/white-house-defends-not-sanction-saudi-crown-prince-khashoggi-killing Photograph: Amr Nabil/AP Photograph: Amr Nabil/AP Julian Borger in Washington 2021-02-28T19:12:31Z People smugglers could get life sentences under new rules, says Home Office /uk-news/2021/mar/01/home-office-looking-at-tougher-penalty-of-life-sentence-for-people-smugglers <p>Priti Patel understood to be concerned that some offenders are only being given three-year terms</p><p>People smugglers could be handed life sentences under plans to ramp up penalties in an effort to stop migrants crossing the Channel.</p><p>At present, the maximum sentence for people smuggling is 14 years in prison. The Times reported that Priti Patel wants to lengthen jail terms because of her concerns that the average sentence received is three years.</p> <a href="/uk-news/2021/mar/01/home-office-looking-at-tougher-penalty-of-life-sentence-for-people-smugglers">Continue reading...</a> Immigration and asylum Priti Patel UK criminal justice UK news Home Office Refugees Law Politics Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:03:11 GMT /uk-news/2021/mar/01/home-office-looking-at-tougher-penalty-of-life-sentence-for-people-smugglers Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Clea Skopeliti 2021-03-01T00:03:11Z Women earning two-thirds less than men in top finance roles – report /business/2021/mar/01/women-still-earning-two-thirds-less-than-men-top-finance-roles <p>Female directors in financial services firms are paid 66% less than males, with many in non-executive roles<br></p><p>Female directors at the UK’s largest financial services firms earn on average two-thirds less than their male counterparts, new research shows, underlining the <a href="/world/gender-pay-gap">pay gap</a> that still exists between men and women at the highest levels in the financial sector.</p><p>Average pay for female directors at financial services companies stands at £247,100, 66% lower than the average £722,300 paid to male directors, according to research by employment and partnership law firm Fox &amp; Partners.</p> <a href="/business/2021/mar/01/women-still-earning-two-thirds-less-than-men-top-finance-roles">Continue reading...</a> Women in the boardroom Gender pay gap Executive pay and bonuses Pay Business FTSE UK news Financial sector Work & careers Money Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:01:08 GMT /business/2021/mar/01/women-still-earning-two-thirds-less-than-men-top-finance-roles Photograph: Blend Images/Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo Photograph: Blend Images/Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo Joanna Partridge 2021-03-01T00:01:08Z Supporters of detained Saudi princess call for UK to help secure release /world/2021/mar/01/supporters-of-detained-saudi-princess-call-for-uk-to-help-secure-release <p><strong>Exclusive: </strong>letters to Dominic Raab and Lady Scotland say Princess Basmah requires urgent medical treatment</p><p>Supporters of a prominent Saudi Arabian princess detained with her daughter in Riyadh have appealed to the British government to help secure their release.</p><p>In two letters to both foreign secretary Dominic Raab and Commonwealth general secretary Patricia Scotland, the princess’s supporters urged them to intervene on behalf of Princess Basmah bint Saud bin Abdulaziz al-Saud and her daughter Souhoud Al Sharif, arrested in Jeddah two years ago.</p> <a href="/world/2021/mar/01/supporters-of-detained-saudi-princess-call-for-uk-to-help-secure-release">Continue reading...</a> Saudi Arabia World news Middle East and North Africa Human rights Mohammed bin Salman Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:01:08 GMT /world/2021/mar/01/supporters-of-detained-saudi-princess-call-for-uk-to-help-secure-release Photograph: AFP/Getty Images Photograph: AFP/Getty Images Ruth Michaelson in Dubai 2021-03-01T00:01:08Z Former West Ham manager and England coach Glenn Roeder dies aged 65 /football/2021/feb/28/former-west-ham-manager-and-england-coach-glenn-roeder-dies-aged-65 <ul><li>Former defender also managed Watford, Newcastle and Norwich</li><li>‘He was a fantastic person. Well respected,’ says Gary Neville</li></ul><p>Glenn Roeder, who managed West Ham United between 2001 and 2003, has died at the age of 65 following a lengthy illness.</p><p>Roeder was a much-liked and respected coach who also managed Gillingham, Watford, Newcastle United and Norwich City. He worked as a coach with England during Glenn Hoddle’s spell as the national team manager.</p> <a href="/football/2021/feb/28/former-west-ham-manager-and-england-coach-glenn-roeder-dies-aged-65">Continue reading...</a> Football West Ham United Gillingham Watford Newcastle United Norwich City England Sport Sun, 28 Feb 2021 18:00:50 GMT /football/2021/feb/28/former-west-ham-manager-and-england-coach-glenn-roeder-dies-aged-65 Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Hunturdeals PA Media 2021-02-28T18:00:50Z Monet, Renoir and Degas paintings to travel to Melbourne for NGV impressionist exhibition /artanddesign/2021/mar/01/monet-renoir-and-degas-paintings-to-travel-to-melbourne-for-ngv-impressionist-exhibition <p>More than 100 French artworks – on loan from Museum of Fine Arts in Boston – to appear alongside paintings by Australian impressionists </p><p>More than 100 impressionist masterworks, including 19 Monet paintings, will travel to Melbourne from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston this year as part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s Winter Masterpieces exhibition.</p><p>NGV director Tony Ellwood announced the blockbuster exhibition on Monday as part of the gallery’s unveiling of its 2021 program – an announcement delayed by two weeks due to Melbourne’s snap five-day lockdown in February.</p> <a href="/artanddesign/2021/mar/01/monet-renoir-and-degas-paintings-to-travel-to-melbourne-for-ngv-impressionist-exhibition">Continue reading...</a> Painting Art and design Claude Monet Culture Exhibitions Pierre-Auguste Renoir Edgar Degas Melbourne Australia news Victoria Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:00:07 GMT /artanddesign/2021/mar/01/monet-renoir-and-degas-paintings-to-travel-to-melbourne-for-ngv-impressionist-exhibition Photograph: Saravuth Neou/Photography © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. All Rights Reserved. Photograph: Saravuth Neou/Photography © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. All Rights Reserved. Stephanie Convery 2021-03-01T00:00:07Z Green pass: how are Covid vaccine passports working for Israel? /world/2021/feb/28/green-pass-how-are-vaccine-passports-working-in-israel <p>As hotels and gyms reopen in Israel, governments elsewhere are considering a similar certificate scheme – raising ethical concerns</p><ul><li><a href="">Four key questions on a Covid certification scheme in England</a></li><li><a href="">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>As the <a href="/world/2021/feb/24/nhs-covid-app-prove-vaccinated-status-access-venues-pubs-in-england">UK and other governments consider</a> whether to give Covid-vaccinated people certificates that allow entry to bars, hotels, and swimming pools, one country, Israel, has already deployed its “green pass”.</p><p>The state of 9 million, which has administered jabs to half its population, <a href="/world/2021/feb/19/covid-vaccinated-israelis-to-enjoy-bars-and-hotels-with-green-pass">released an app</a> a week ago that shows whether people have been fully inoculated against the coronavirus or if they have presumed immunity after contracting the disease.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/green-pass-how-are-vaccine-passports-working-in-israel">Continue reading...</a> Israel Coronavirus Vaccines and immunisation Middle East and North Africa Health Palestinian territories Gaza Infectious diseases Science World news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 16:17:21 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/green-pass-how-are-vaccine-passports-working-in-israel Photograph: Amir Cohen/Reuters Photograph: Amir Cohen/Reuters Oliver Holmes and Quique Kierszenbaum in Jerusalem 2021-02-28T16:17:21Z Coronavirus live news: vaccine acceptance rising in UK, US and France; South Africa eases restrictions /world/live/2021/mar/01/coronavirus-live-news-vaccine-acceptance-rising-in-uk-us-and-france-south-africa-eases-restrictions <p><a href="/world/live/2021/mar/01/coronavirus-live-news-vaccine-acceptance-rising-in-uk-us-and-france-south-africa-eases-restrictions?page=with:block-603c255f8f08614ccf1095fa#block-603c255f8f08614ccf1095fa">Covid vaccine acceptance also rising in Japan, Germany and Sweden</a>; South Africa lowers alert level; cases of Brazil variant found in UK</p><ul><li><a href="/world/2021/feb/28/covid-has-connected-uk-communities-and-spurred-volunteering-report-finds">Covid has connected UK communities and spurred volunteering</a></li><li><a href="/society/2021/feb/28/uk-government-must-increase-number-of-nhs-beds-hospital-bosses-warn">NHS hospital bosses urge ministers to increase ICU beds in England</a></li><li><a href="/world/2021/feb/28/person-believed-to-have-brazilian-covid-variant-being-sought-in-england">Alarm over delays in border measures as Brazil Covid variant hits UK</a></li><li><a href="/education/2021/feb/28/top-uk-universities-use-secret-waiting-lists-due-to-covid-uncertainty">Top UK universities ‘use secret waiting lists’ due to Covid uncertainty</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak/all">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p class="block-time published-time"> <time datetime="2021-03-01T00:16:08.084Z">12.16am <span class="timezone">GMT</span></time> </p><p>South Africa’s coronavirus alert level has been downgraded from three to one following a fall in infections, president Cyril Ramaphosa has announced, with the change coming into effect at midnight.</p><p>“As we ease restrictions, we cannot let our guard down. The few remaining restrictions under Alert Level 1 are meant to maintain low levels of infections and, in particular, to prevent super-spreading events,” Ramaphosa said.</p><p>“We were able to emerge from the second wave because most people adhered to the tighter restrictions and observed the basic health protocols, including wearing masks in public and social distancing.”</p><p class="block-time published-time"> <time datetime="2021-02-28T23:41:50.901Z">11.41pm <span class="timezone">GMT</span></time> </p><p>Willingness to get a Covid-19 vaccine is on the rise compared to last year, a survey of six industrialised countries published on Monday showed.<br></p><p>AFP: More people in the United Kingdom, the United States and even vaccine-sceptical France now accept the idea of getting a coronavirus jab, KekstCNC, an international consultancy, said in the survey conducted in February.</p> <a href="/world/live/2021/mar/01/coronavirus-live-news-vaccine-acceptance-rising-in-uk-us-and-france-south-africa-eases-restrictions">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus World news Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:16:08 GMT /world/live/2021/mar/01/coronavirus-live-news-vaccine-acceptance-rising-in-uk-us-and-france-south-africa-eases-restrictions Photograph: Michele Spatari/AFP/Getty Images Photograph: Michele Spatari/AFP/Getty Images Helen Sullivan 2021-03-01T00:16:08Z 'People say, I didn't know such homes existed': a care home with courage /society/2021/feb/28/people-say-i-didnt-know-such-homes-existed-a-care-home-with-courage <p>Manager Jonathan Cunningham has ensured residents see family in lockdown on a rickshaw with a Perspex screen</p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p><br>When Matt Hancock announced that care home residents in England <a href="/society/2021/feb/20/care-homes-in-england-whats-going-to-change-from-8-march">could finally receive indoor visits</a> from one friend or relative from 8 March, families breathed a huge sigh of relief.</p><p>The isolation of society’s oldest and most vulnerable people in their twilight years has been one of the cruellest side-effects of the pandemic, particularly as it didn’t seem to work, with <a href="">almost 30,000 people dying with Covid </a>in care homes in England and Wales by mid February.</p> <a href="/society/2021/feb/28/people-say-i-didnt-know-such-homes-existed-a-care-home-with-courage">Continue reading...</a> Older people Coronavirus Care workers Social care UK news Society Sun, 28 Feb 2021 17:27:52 GMT /society/2021/feb/28/people-say-i-didnt-know-such-homes-existed-a-care-home-with-courage Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Hunturdeals Helen Pidd 2021-02-28T17:27:52Z Pupils' families in England to be tested for Covid twice a week /education/2021/feb/28/pupils-families-covid-tests-england-schools-reopen <p>Free rapid tests to be provided to households under plans to reopen schools from 8 March</p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>Families with children in school or college will be able to test themselves for coronavirus twice a week from home under plans for schools to safely reopen in England <a href="/world/2021/feb/21/sage-expert-calls-children-to-get-covid-jab-as-schools-set-to-reopen">from 8 March</a>.</p><p>Free tests will be provided to pupils’ households, as well as those in their childcare or support bubbles, regardless of whether anyone has symptoms, the government said on Sunday.</p> <a href="/education/2021/feb/28/pupils-families-covid-tests-england-schools-reopen">Continue reading...</a> Schools Coronavirus England UK news Education Health Health policy Society Politics Gavin Williamson Sun, 28 Feb 2021 14:31:38 GMT /education/2021/feb/28/pupils-families-covid-tests-england-schools-reopen Photograph: Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images Photograph: Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images Rajeev Syal and agencies 2021-02-28T14:31:38Z Covid has connected UK communities and spurred volunteering, report finds /world/2021/feb/28/covid-has-connected-uk-communities-and-spurred-volunteering-report-finds <p>Polling finds people feel more united than divided as pandemic brings people together</p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>The coronavirus pandemic has fostered “a greater sense of connection”, spurring millions to volunteer to help others in their communities, research suggests.</p><p>An ICM poll found that almost three times as many people said <a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">Covid</a> had made their community more united (41%) than said it had become more divided (13%).</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/covid-has-connected-uk-communities-and-spurred-volunteering-report-finds">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus Volunteering Society Communities Voluntary sector UK news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 22:00:05 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/covid-has-connected-uk-communities-and-spurred-volunteering-report-finds Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA Photograph: Victoria Jones/PA Haroon Siddique 2021-02-28T22:00:05Z 20 million people in UK have had first dose of coronavirus vaccine /society/2021/feb/28/20-million-britons-have-had-first-dose-of-coronavirus-vaccine <p>Health secretary hails latest inoculation figures as ‘magnificent achievement for the country’</p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>More than 20 million Britons have received their first coronavirus vaccine dose, the UK government has said.</p><p>In a video uploaded to his Twitter profile, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, said it was a “magnificent achievement for the country”.</p> <a href="/society/2021/feb/28/20-million-britons-have-had-first-dose-of-coronavirus-vaccine">Continue reading...</a> Vaccines and immunisation Coronavirus Health Infectious diseases Medical research Microbiology Science Society UK news Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:02:06 GMT /society/2021/feb/28/20-million-britons-have-had-first-dose-of-coronavirus-vaccine Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images Linda Geddes 2021-03-01T00:02:06Z Government seeks to retain lockdown limits on protests /politics/2021/feb/28/government-seeks-to-retain-lockdown-limits-on-protests <p>Priti Patel obtains advice on ensuring post-Covid demonstrations do not impact on ‘rights of others to go about their business’</p><p>Concern over the government’s limitation of the right to protest during lockdown continues to mount after it emerged that the home secretary, Priti Patel, is eager to grant police greater powers to control demonstrations once the Covid restrictions are lifted.</p><p>In a letter to HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire &amp; Rescue Services (HMICFRS) Patel wrote that although she appreciates protest is “a cornerstone of our democracy” she wanted to know how the Home Office could help police ensure protests in the future do not impact on “the rights of others to go about their daily business”.</p> <a href="/politics/2021/feb/28/government-seeks-to-retain-lockdown-limits-on-protests">Continue reading...</a> Home Office Law Police Protest Human rights Black Lives Matter movement Coronavirus UK news Priti Patel Politics Sun, 28 Feb 2021 09:15:09 GMT /politics/2021/feb/28/government-seeks-to-retain-lockdown-limits-on-protests Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Mark Townsend 2021-02-28T09:15:09Z Poldark actor took Deliveroo job after work cut under Covid /tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/poldark-actor-richard-harrington-took-deliveroo-job-after-jobs-cancelled-under-covid <p>Richard Harrington’s experience mirrors that of many in creative industries during pandemic</p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>The <a href="/tv-and-radio/poldark">Poldark</a> actor Richard Harrington has revealed how he got a job as a takeaway delivery driver after being left unemployed by lockdown.</p><p>The 45-year-old, who has also appeared in <a href="/tv-and-radio/2014/jul/10/hinterland-box-set-review">Hinterland</a>, <a href="/tv-and-radio/the-crown">The Crown</a> and <a href="/tv-and-radio/2020/apr/23/gangs-of-london-review-a-thrilling-dose-of-capital-punishment">Gangs of London,</a> said he took the job in the capital last year after spring and summer projects were cancelled because of the pandemic.</p> <a href="/tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/poldark-actor-richard-harrington-took-deliveroo-job-after-jobs-cancelled-under-covid">Continue reading...</a> Poldark Television Stage Coronavirus Theatre Culture Television & radio UK news Deliveroo Business Sun, 28 Feb 2021 15:48:19 GMT /tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/poldark-actor-richard-harrington-took-deliveroo-job-after-jobs-cancelled-under-covid Photograph: Adrian Rogers/BBC/Adrian Rogers Photograph: Adrian Rogers/BBC/Adrian Rogers Haroon Siddique 2021-02-28T15:48:19Z Golden Globes 2021: the winners, the speeches, the controversy – live /film/live/2021/feb/28/golden-globes-2021-latest-winners-nomadland-tina-fey-amy-poehler-live-updates <p>An unusual semi-virtual kickoff to the awards season sees Mank, Nomadland, Schitt’s Creek and The Crown leading the way but there’s continued outrage over diversity and alleged corruption</p><p class="block-time published-time"> <time datetime="2021-03-01T00:24:26.158Z">12.24am <span class="timezone">GMT</span></time> </p><p>Andra Day who is nominated for her visceral performance playing Lady Day in Lee Daniels excellent The United States Vs Billie Holiday is wearing a beautiful Chanel dress tonight. “I call Chanel ‘Channellliqua’,” she told Drew Barrymore (Day previously wore the fashion label at 2020’s Soul Train awards). “I’m saving Prada for another event.” Maybe one that rhymes with “Foskers”? The gown is from the SS21 Couture collection. Creative director Virginie Viard’s collection had a celebratory theme and some design flourishes that were directly inspired by Coco Chanel’s own craftsmanship. It’s a perfect choice not only because it references the 1930’s, when Holliday was gaining popularity, but also because it’s a dress of two halves. The top says: classical elegance and the top half is more playful. Appropriate for the duality within Holliday herself.</p><p class="block-time published-time"> <time datetime="2021-03-01T00:19:14.162Z">12.19am <span class="timezone">GMT</span></time> </p><p>The understandable outrage over the LA Times expose and the fact that there isn’t a single black member in the HFPA has been rumbling on, prompting input from Time’s Up who created a graphic that has since been shared by celebrities including Kerry Washington, Amy Svhumer Jennifer Aniston and Sterling K Brown.</p> <a href="/film/live/2021/feb/28/golden-globes-2021-latest-winners-nomadland-tina-fey-amy-poehler-live-updates">Continue reading...</a> Golden Globes 2021 Golden Globes Awards and prizes Culture Film US television Television Television & radio Carey Mulligan Nomadland The Crown Schitt's Creek Daniel Kaluuya Sacha Baron Cohen Netflix Anthony Hopkins Chadwick Boseman Viola Davis Vanessa Kirby Fashion Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:24:26 GMT /film/live/2021/feb/28/golden-globes-2021-latest-winners-nomadland-tina-fey-amy-poehler-live-updates Photograph: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images Photograph: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images Benjamin Lee, Hannah Marriott and Priya Elan 2021-03-01T00:24:26Z The union unit: the No 10 team tasked with keeping UK together /politics/2021/feb/28/the-union-unit-inside-the-no-10-team-tasked-with-keeping-uk-together <p>How what one MP termed a ‘Whitehall psychodrama’ has propelled team into the headlines</p><p>Boris Johnson’s four-person union unit, dedicated to averting Scottish independence, had become used to operating quietly behind the scenes. That is until what one MP termed a “Whitehall psychodrama” exploded and propelled the team into the headlines.</p><p>Two of its leaders <a href="/politics/2021/feb/19/oliver-lewis-quits-head-no-10-union-unit-two-weeks-vote-leave">have departed in a matter of weeks</a>, raising awkward questions about how well equipped the Tories really are to stop a separatist surge from Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP at the Holyrood elections in May.</p> <a href="/politics/2021/feb/28/the-union-unit-inside-the-no-10-team-tasked-with-keeping-uk-together">Continue reading...</a> Scottish independence UK news Politics Boris Johnson Michael Gove Stephen Crabb Conservatives Scottish politics Scotland Wales Northern Ireland Sun, 28 Feb 2021 16:03:24 GMT /politics/2021/feb/28/the-union-unit-inside-the-no-10-team-tasked-with-keeping-uk-together Photograph: Vickie Flores/EPA Photograph: Vickie Flores/EPA Aubrey Allegretti 2021-02-28T16:03:24Z Will the ‘Sistine Chapel’ of pelota bounce back as a centre of Spanish culture? /world/2021/feb/28/the-sistine-chapel-of-pelota-bounces-back-as-a-centre-of-spanish-culture <p>Campaigners call for historic sports venue in Madrid to become a world heritage site after its €38m restoration</p><p>Beneath a pale-blue late-winter sky, and behind an elegant but unassuming facade, one of Madrid’s great unsung survivors sits waiting, once more, for news of the latest in a long and improbable series of metamorphoses.</p><p>Since its inauguration 127 years ago, the <a href="" title="">Frontón Beti-Jai</a>, built at the height of the Spanish capital’s love affair with the <a href="" title="">Basque game of pelota</a>, has echoed with the crack of leather-stitched balls, with cheers, screams, the thrill of invention, the gunning of thirsty American engines and, most recently, the chirping of the birds who nested in its almost terminal decay.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/the-sistine-chapel-of-pelota-bounces-back-as-a-centre-of-spanish-culture">Continue reading...</a> Spain Architecture Culture Games competitions Europe Heritage World news Hobbies Sun, 28 Feb 2021 07:30:07 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/the-sistine-chapel-of-pelota-bounces-back-as-a-centre-of-spanish-culture Photograph: Denis Doyle/The Observer Photograph: Denis Doyle/The Observer Sam Jones in Madrid 2021-02-28T07:30:07Z Ireland 1921: how republicans used their whiteness to win freedom /world/2021/feb/28/ireland-1921-how-republicans-used-their-whiteness-to-win-freedom <p>Nationalist leaders tried to exploit what they had in common with their racist oppressors: the colour of their skin </p><p>In February 1921, newspapers in London began to publish stories about how military lorries in Ireland were carrying prisoners as hostages in the hope of deterring attacks by the IRA, the guerrilla army fighting British rule since 1919. Within a year, negotiations would lead to Irish independence and the campaign would be hailed as the first successful revolt against the British empire. But in the spring of 1921 the war appeared to be intensifying. Martial law had been imposed across the southern half of Ireland; if troops or police were shot, houses in the vicinity of the attack were demolished in reprisal.</p><p>Dublin had become as dangerous as the provinces: army lorries were ambushed with bombs and revolvers; crowds scattered when Black and Tans – demobilised soldiers recruited to the Irish police force who had gained a reputation for brutality – opened fire indiscriminately in city centre streets.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/ireland-1921-how-republicans-used-their-whiteness-to-win-freedom">Continue reading...</a> Ireland Education Civil rights movement US news World news Race UK news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:15:10 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/ireland-1921-how-republicans-used-their-whiteness-to-win-freedom Photograph: Walshe/Getty Images Photograph: Walshe/Getty Images Maurice Walsh 2021-02-28T10:15:10Z Thomasina Miers’ recipe for mussels with coconut, turmeric and jasmine rice | The simple fix /food/2021/mar/01/thomasina-miers-recipe-mussels-coconut-turmeric-jasmine-rice <p>Mussels are relatively cheap, but they scrub up very well: this dish oozes opulence with its rich Asian aromas</p><p>This is a star of a dish: rich and aromatic, sophisticated, yet entirely doable; it is also cheap, which is an added bonus. Depending on where you buy them, mussels can take a bit of scrubbing and some tugging to remove the beards, but I find the task rather pleasing and it makes the resulting feast all the more satisfying. Do this in advance, and the curry sauce, too, if you want, so you can have a glass of wine and produce the dish as if by magic.</p> <a href="/food/2021/mar/01/thomasina-miers-recipe-mussels-coconut-turmeric-jasmine-rice">Continue reading...</a> Food Shellfish Seafood Main course Rice Curry Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:00:08 GMT /food/2021/mar/01/thomasina-miers-recipe-mussels-coconut-turmeric-jasmine-rice Photograph: Yuki Sugiura/The Hunturdeals. Food styling: Aya Nishimura. Prop styling: Rachel Vere. Food assistant: Lizzie Evans. Photograph: Yuki Sugiura/The Hunturdeals. Food styling: Aya Nishimura. Prop styling: Rachel Vere. Food assistant: Lizzie Evans. Thomasina Miers 2021-03-01T00:00:08Z McDonald & Dodds series two review: far from dark – and all the better for it /tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/mcdonald-dodds-series-two-review-far-from-dark-and-all-the-better-for-it <p>Standing in stark contrast to the likes of Bloodlands, there’s both a lightness of touch and a neat precision to ITV’s chalk-and-cheese crime drama </p><p>The likable odd-couple crime series McDonald &amp; Dodds (ITV) is back for a second run. For audiences watching the old-fashioned way, as it is broadcast on television, it could not stand as more of a contrast to BBC One’s Bloodlands, its main opponent in the schedules. This is British crime drama with a cartoonish glow and it is practically allergic to bleakness.</p><p>“I never go anywhere without my latex gloves,” says DS Dodds, played by <a href="/tv-and-radio/2020/aug/31/i-wouldnt-mind-having-a-go-at-farage-jason-watkins-on-his-next-role">Jason Watkins</a>. If Watkins had delivered that sentence in <a href="/tv-and-radio/series/line-of-duty-episode-by-episode">Line of Duty</a>, in which he played the doomed Tim Ifield, it would have been chilling. Here, it is an endearing character quirk.</p> <a href="/tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/mcdonald-dodds-series-two-review-far-from-dark-and-all-the-better-for-it">Continue reading...</a> Television Culture Television & radio Drama TV crime drama Rob Brydon Sun, 28 Feb 2021 22:00:05 GMT /tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/mcdonald-dodds-series-two-review-far-from-dark-and-all-the-better-for-it Photograph: ITV Photograph: ITV Rebecca Nicholson 2021-02-28T22:00:05Z 'The Earth could hear itself think': how birdsong became the sound of lockdown /books/2021/feb/28/birdsong-in-a-time-of-silence-steven-lovatt-lockdown-coronavirus <p>When the pandemic hit, the song of birds offered joy and hope. The author of a new book recalls that glittering spring and explains the science behind bird calls and how to identify them</p><p>It’s six in the morning and still dark, 24 March 2020. I wake early and, knowing the children will soon be up, decide to steal half an hour’s solitude in the park. From the dense latticework of trees and shrubs that clothe the wooded slope comes a constant scuttling through dead leaves. The darkness is awake and vigilant; there’s the warning tik-tik of an invisible robin from the bushes, and then the next second it appears on the path. Each individual movement of the bird, each wing-flick and pivot, is brisk and definite yet the overall impression is one of nervousness and indecision. It leaps round once more on the spot, then flits back into the darkness.</p><p>From close by comes a blast of song from a wren. Its harsh trill is like coarse twine zipping over a flywheel. The air is cool, not cold, and smells deliciously of earth and moss. There’s a sudden disturbance from the deeper shade, and a blackbird comes careering out with a mad clatter and pauses, alert, on the great arm of a beech tree. It’s evidently agitated. It flicks about the bough, dipping then raising its wings, and tilting its head all the while in response to something I can’t sense. After a few seconds of this twitching the bird seems to experience some sort of inner resolution, and, as the first beam of grey light wakes the colours of the tree, it raises its head and lets out a quiet phrase of song. Spring has arrived.</p> <a href="/books/2021/feb/28/birdsong-in-a-time-of-silence-steven-lovatt-lockdown-coronavirus">Continue reading...</a> Science and nature books Books Culture Birds Coronavirus Sun, 28 Feb 2021 14:00:15 GMT /books/2021/feb/28/birdsong-in-a-time-of-silence-steven-lovatt-lockdown-coronavirus Photograph: Getty Creative and Alamy Photograph: Getty Creative and Alamy Steven Lovatt 2021-02-28T14:00:15Z The power of touch: what will it be like when we can all connect again? /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/the-power-of-touch-is-this-the-sense-we-have-missed-most <p>Social distancing has reminded us what a crucial role touch plays in our wellbeing, says social and cultural historian Joe Moran</p><p>When was the last time you touched someone you don’t live with? One day last March, probably; you’re not sure of the date. Did you shake hands with a new colleague at work? Did your coat brush against another commuter’s on the train? Did someone bump your elbow and mutter an apology when rushing past you on an escalator? If you’d known that was the last time you’d make contact with the body of a stranger, you’d have paid more attention.</p><p>And what about the 8.2 million British adults who live on their own? Many will have gone nearly a year now without so much as a pat on the arm from another person. Touch is the sense we take most for granted, but we miss it when it’s gone. Psychologists have a term for the feelings of deprivation and abandonment we experience: “skin hunger”.</p> <a href="/lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/the-power-of-touch-is-this-the-sense-we-have-missed-most">Continue reading...</a> Health & wellbeing Coronavirus Life and style Sun, 28 Feb 2021 12:00:13 GMT /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/the-power-of-touch-is-this-the-sense-we-have-missed-most Photograph: Coneyl Jay/Getty Images Photograph: Coneyl Jay/Getty Images Joe Moran 2021-02-28T12:00:13Z Is this the worst year ever for the UK music industry? - podcast /news/audio/2021/feb/26/is-this-the-worst-year-ever-for-the-uk-music-industry-podcast <p>Hunturdeals music writer Laura Snapes, singer-songwriter Arlo Parks and musician Nitin Sawhney discuss the impact that Covid, Brexit and the ‘streaming economy’ are having on the sector</p><p>The Hunturdeals music writer <strong>Laura Snapes</strong> talks to <strong>Rachel Humphreys</strong> about why this has been such a challenging period for the music industry. Not only has Covid prevented musicians from touring, but the Brexit rule changes will now make it tricky for them to work in the EU. She fears the inability of the EU and UK to strike a deal to help the creative industries will hold back UK artists from a fast-growing market. </p><p>Rachel also talks to the singer-songwriter<strong> Arlo Parks</strong> and the musician <strong>Nitin Sawhney</strong>.<strong> </strong>They speak about how they miss touring and the impact that the Brexit rule changes will have on their industry. They also discuss how the economic model of streaming platforms is challenging artists’ ability to earn a living. The major record labels take around three-quarters of streaming revenue every month, meaning smaller artists receive very little. Laura also discusses the digital, culture, media and sport select committee <a href="/music/2020/oct/15/uk-government-to-examine-impact-of-streaming-on-future-of-music-industry">inquiry, which has been looking into the fairness</a> of the “streaming economy”.</p> <a href="/news/audio/2021/feb/26/is-this-the-worst-year-ever-for-the-uk-music-industry-podcast">Continue reading...</a> Music Coronavirus Brexit Spotify Apple UK news Fri, 26 Feb 2021 03:00:04 GMT /news/audio/2021/feb/26/is-this-the-worst-year-ever-for-the-uk-music-industry-podcast Composite: Sky Arts/Alex Kurunis Composite: Sky Arts/Alex Kurunis Presented by Rachel Humphreys with Laura Snapes, Arlo Parks and Nitin Sawhney; produced by Hannah Moore and Pulama Kaufman; executive producers Nicole Jackson and Phil Maynard 2021-02-26T03:00:04Z No sex please, we're British. Dating in a pandemic /lifeandstyle/audio/2021/feb/25/no-sex-please-were-british-dating-in-a-pandemic <p>Lockdown rules have left little opportunity for people who aren’t already living with a partner to pursue romantic relationships, explains Zoe Williams </p><p>Last March, when the first – and strictest – national coronavirus lockdown went into effect, one of the many aspects of life that suddenly became exponentially more complicated was dating. Until June, in England it was effectively illegal for people not already living as a couple under the same roof to have sex; even after the first lockdown was lifted, subsequent restrictions were similarly strict.</p><p>Columnist <strong>Zoe Williams</strong> <a href="/lifeandstyle/2021/feb/11/we-are-desperate-for-human-contact-the-people-breaking-lockdown-to-have-sex">has been speaking to single people frustrated by what they say is a major oversight in policy</a>. She tells <strong>Rachel Humphreys </strong>that it didn’t have to be this way – other countries have recognised that everyone has a need for human connection, even in a pandemic.</p> <a href="/lifeandstyle/audio/2021/feb/25/no-sex-please-were-british-dating-in-a-pandemic">Continue reading...</a> Dating Coronavirus Sex Thu, 25 Feb 2021 03:00:15 GMT /lifeandstyle/audio/2021/feb/25/no-sex-please-were-british-dating-in-a-pandemic Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Presented by Rachel Humphreys with Zoe Williams; produced by Elizabeth Cassinand Pulama Kaufman; executive producers Nicole Jackson, Mythili Rao, and Phil Maynard 2021-02-25T03:00:15Z The science behind England’s Covid exit plan – podcast /world/audio/2021/feb/24/science-behind-england-covid-exit-plan-podcast <p>Nicola Davis runs through the science behind the government’s decision to begin lifting lockdown restrictions, a four-stage plan that starts with the reopening of schools and could see the return of nightclubs on 21 June</p><p>On Monday Boris Johnson announced a four-stage plan for England, paving the way for schools to welcome pupils, sports fans to fill stadiums once again and nightclubs to reopen their doors. There is a five-week gap between each phase of the plan, intended to allow four weeks for data to emerge about the impact of the changes, plus a week’s notice for the next stage of easing to be introduced. </p><p>The Hunturdeals science correspondent<strong> Nicola Davis</strong> talks to<strong> Rachel Humphreys</strong> about the science behind the government’s decision to begin easing out of lockdown. Some, including Johnson’s own backbenchers, have criticised the pace of reopening as too slow. But, Nicola says, experts on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), whose analysis was published alongside the plan, have stressed the need for caution. ‘Decisions about changes to restrictions are best made based on epidemiological data rather than based on predetermined dates,’ they advise. </p> <a href="/world/audio/2021/feb/24/science-behind-england-covid-exit-plan-podcast">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus Boris Johnson Vaccines and immunisation England Wed, 24 Feb 2021 03:00:46 GMT /world/audio/2021/feb/24/science-behind-england-covid-exit-plan-podcast Photograph: Everynight Images/Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo Photograph: Everynight Images/Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo Presented by Rachel Humphreys with Nicola Davis produced by Alex Atack, Rhi Storer and Nicholas Alexander; executive producers Nicole Jackson and Phil Maynard 2021-02-24T03:00:46Z Levelling up? Most of the UK is still in the grip of austerity | John Harris /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/levelling-up-austerity-cuts-local-government-services-bankruptcy <p>After a decade of cuts, local government is in tatters, services have been slashed, and some town halls are facing bankruptcy</p><p>It may be neither fair nor particularly rational, but in the past three weeks or so Boris Johnson and his allies have been buoyed up by <a href="/politics/2021/feb/27/johnsons-poll-lead-over-labour-boosted-by-covid-vaccine-rollout">rising public optimism</a>. Thanks to the vaccination programme and the expectations swirling around the somewhat provisional back-to-normal date of <a href="/world/2021/feb/23/boris-johnson-very-confident-all-covid-restrictions-end-21-june">21 June</a>, the government’s dire handling of so much of the pandemic has receded from view.</p><p>The prime minister looks both very lucky, and a more formidable leader than he seemed in the grim days of late 2020; Keir Starmer seems to have <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/16/keir-starmer-leadership-urgent-course-correction-labour">stalled</a>. Meanwhile, even people with an understandably cautious sense of the immediate future can surely warm to the prospect of packed pub gardens, revived music festivals and family reunions.</p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/28/levelling-up-austerity-cuts-local-government-services-bankruptcy">Continue reading...</a> Austerity Local government Economic policy Tax and spending Politics Society UK news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 13:52:27 GMT /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/levelling-up-austerity-cuts-local-government-services-bankruptcy Illustration: R Fresson/The Hunturdeals Illustration: R Fresson/The Hunturdeals John Harris 2021-02-28T13:52:27Z I have tested positive for Covid – and I feel really guilty /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/i-have-tested-positive-for-covid-and-i-feel-really-guilty <p>At first I felt relieved that my symptoms aren’t too grim. Then I felt bad about my relief, as if I’d failed a basic solidarity duty</p><p>It started with a text that was doing the rounds from Lambeth council’s director of public health: the South African variant of Covid had been discovered in a tiny box of postcodes that included our house, and we were all encouraged to get tested. I forwarded it to a neighbour, who said: “This cuts off just before our houses. This is basically: ‘Don’t go to the supermarket down the road.’” Is it a sign of cognitive impairment that I can’t find my own house on a map? Not really: I can never do that.</p><p>Still, we had ordered tests by then. I was reasonably sure we were an early-adopter household in the matter of the pandemic. Mr Z had a meeting a year ago with someone else who had just had a meeting with Nadine Dorries, and he felt mortally unwell after that when the news broke that she had Covid. She’s been our go-to yardstick of wellbeing ever since. How do you feel? Well, a bit rough, but not like I’ve had any proxy face-to-face contact with a junior Conservative health minister.</p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/28/i-have-tested-positive-for-covid-and-i-feel-really-guilty">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus Infectious diseases Science Family Life and style Sun, 28 Feb 2021 14:00:15 GMT /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/i-have-tested-positive-for-covid-and-i-feel-really-guilty Photograph: Rawpixel Ltd/Alamy Photograph: Rawpixel Ltd/Alamy Zoe Williams 2021-02-28T14:00:15Z Sunak 's budget must place economic needs above party politics | Larry Elliott /business/2021/feb/28/sunak-budget-must-place-economic-needs-above-party-politics <p>The longer the chancellor delays raising taxes the better, no matter how that plays with the electorate</p><p>Budgets. Mini-budgets. <a href="">Summer economic statements</a>. <a href="">Winter economic plans</a>. Umpteen other impromptu announcements. Never has there been a chancellor as hyperactive as Rishi Sunak over the past 12 months.</p><p>Throughout Britain’s long Covid-19 nightmare, Sunak has been shovelling money out of the Treasury to support the economy while also warning that sooner or later the spending will have to stop. That moment will arrive soon.</p> <a href="/business/2021/feb/28/sunak-budget-must-place-economic-needs-above-party-politics">Continue reading...</a> Budget 2021 Economic growth (GDP) Rishi Sunak Coronavirus Business Politics UK news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 15:03:24 GMT /business/2021/feb/28/sunak-budget-must-place-economic-needs-above-party-politics Photograph: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images Photograph: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images Larry Elliott 2021-02-28T15:03:24Z Ben Jennings on Rishi Sunak's Covid relief budget – cartoon /commentisfree/picture/2021/feb/28/ben-jennings-on-rishi-sunaks-covid-relief-budget-cartoon <a href="/commentisfree/picture/2021/feb/28/ben-jennings-on-rishi-sunaks-covid-relief-budget-cartoon">Continue reading...</a> Rishi Sunak Politics Coronavirus UK news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 20:00:02 GMT /commentisfree/picture/2021/feb/28/ben-jennings-on-rishi-sunaks-covid-relief-budget-cartoon Illustration: Ben Jennings Illustration: Ben Jennings Ben Jennings 2021-02-28T20:00:02Z To expand women's prisons is idiotic and inhumane. We should phase them out | Sonia Sodha /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/to-expand-womens-prisons-is-idiotic-and-inhumane-we-should-phase-them-out <p>The government has overturned the commitment to reduce the number of women in jail. This ignores how female offenders are very different from their male counterparts</p><p>Does aspiring to equality mean treating people equally or differently? This is a question that has long divided right and left.</p><p>The right would wish away structural discrimination: treat everyone the same when it comes to the workplace or the education system and the people who deserve to flourish will; no matter that the biggest impediment to women’s careers is going part-time after having a baby, or that young black men in London have grown up in a society where they are <a href="/law/2020/dec/03/young-black-males-in-london-19-times-more-likely-to-be-stopped-and-searched">19 times more likely</a> to be stopped and searched by police. The left recognises that equal treatment might not be enough to overcome deep-seated structural disadvantage.</p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/28/to-expand-womens-prisons-is-idiotic-and-inhumane-we-should-phase-them-out">Continue reading...</a> Prisons and probation Gender UK news UK criminal justice Law Society Women Sun, 28 Feb 2021 08:30:09 GMT /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/to-expand-womens-prisons-is-idiotic-and-inhumane-we-should-phase-them-out Photograph: Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images Photograph: Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images Sonia Sodha 2021-02-28T08:30:09Z Facebook's Australian news wipeout showed it can delete our history at any time | Siobhan Ryan /commentisfree/2021/mar/01/facebooks-australian-news-wipeout-showed-it-can-delete-our-history-at-any-time <p>Although social media <em>seems</em> public, the platforms can extinguish access or delete content at their whim</p><p>Recently Facebook <a href="/media/2021/feb/18/facebooks-australia-news-ban-what-is-the-social-media-giant-up-to-and-how-will-you-be-affected">banned news from its platform</a> in Australia in opposition to the proposed news media bargaining code. The ban not only disabled Australian news organisations from sharing content on their Facebook pages, it also hid all their past posts and, with them, ordinary users’ discussions in the comments.</p><p>Facebook has since <a href="/technology/2021/feb/26/facebook-returns-news-to-australian-feeds-as-company-seals-further-deals-with-media-outlets">reversed the ban.</a> Still, the extraordinary move revealed something many of us technically knew but perhaps hadn’t fully grasped before: we don’t own the content we post on these platforms and can lose access to it at any time. For academics whose research depends on these sources, this may have devastating consequences.</p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/mar/01/facebooks-australian-news-wipeout-showed-it-can-delete-our-history-at-any-time">Continue reading...</a> Facebook Social networking Sun, 28 Feb 2021 16:30:18 GMT /commentisfree/2021/mar/01/facebooks-australian-news-wipeout-showed-it-can-delete-our-history-at-any-time Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo Siobhan Ryan 2021-02-28T16:30:18Z I coped through the pandemic with a diet of junk food. Now I'm regretting it | Emma Brockes /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/pandemic-junk-food-doctor-cholesterol-food <p>My doctor says my cholesterol levels are insane and I have to eat healthily. My supermarket shop has changed overnight</p><p>Looking back, I believe it was the key lime pie that did it. In the first flush of the first lockdown I decided it was my right – no, my duty – to lift my spirits by eating as much junk food as I possibly could. Cakes, muffins; oh my god, so much sausage.</p><p>I’d throw an entire <a href="/lifeandstyle/2015/feb/15/nigel-slater-soothing-sausage-recipes">kielbasa</a> into the frying pan, smother it in baked beans and round it off with a pound of cheddar. But it was the pies, I’m convinced, that pushed me over the edge. I put the key lime on automatic reorder at Whole Foods and polished one off, single-handedly, every two weeks.</p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/28/pandemic-junk-food-doctor-cholesterol-food">Continue reading...</a> Food Coronavirus Health Diets and dieting Life and style Sun, 28 Feb 2021 12:44:50 GMT /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/pandemic-junk-food-doctor-cholesterol-food Photograph: Peter Foley/EPA Photograph: Peter Foley/EPA Emma Brockes 2021-02-28T12:44:50Z If oestrogen can save women from the worst of Covid, they should be given it | Kate Muir /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/if-oestrogen-can-save-women-from-the-worst-of-covid-they-should-be-given-it <p>There is mounting evidence that HRT can help menopausal women recover from the virus, but little action is being taken</p><ul><li><a href="/world/live/2021/feb/26/coronavirus-live-news-france-may-impose-regional-lockdowns-south-korea-starts-vaccinations">Coronavirus - latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>‘To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle,” <a href="">wrote George Orwell</a>, and seeing in front of our masks in this endless pandemic turns out to be even harder. </p><p>Take the compelling case of the effect of oestrogen, the female hormone, on the coronavirus. Quite simply, research suggests that women with more oestrogen in their bodies are less likely to die and more likely to have milder symptoms of Covid-19. Doctors are also discovering that topping up low hormone levels seems to help some women suffering from long Covid. Yet, this area of research is being sorely neglected. I wonder why?</p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/28/if-oestrogen-can-save-women-from-the-worst-of-covid-they-should-be-given-it">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus Menopause Health Medical research Science Long Covid Society Women UK news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:00:11 GMT /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/if-oestrogen-can-save-women-from-the-worst-of-covid-they-should-be-given-it Photograph: BSIP/UIG/Getty Images/Collection Mix: Subjects RF Photograph: BSIP/UIG/Getty Images/Collection Mix: Subjects RF Kate Muir 2021-02-28T10:00:11Z The Hunturdeals view on madhouse economics: Tories bet it makes political sense | Editorial /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/the-guardian-view-on-madhouse-economics-tories-bet-it-makes-political-sense <p>Britain presently needs government support rather than belt-tightening. But the chancellor sees a benefit in raising taxes now so he can cut them to boost Conservative prospects ahead of the next election</p><p>The <a href="" title="">centrepiece</a> of the government’s economic strategy is to bring the rest of Britain level with London and south-east England in terms of wealth and opportunity. The public remains concerned about <a href="" title="">regional and income</a> gaps. “<a href="/commentisfree/2020/dec/27/the-tories-are-out-of-excuses-now-and-must-start-work-on-levelling-up-britain" title="">Levelling up</a>” – however genuinely believed by some people – is a facade. Boris Johnson’s slogan requires a shift in the scale of public spending that his policies will not concede in substance.</p><p>Last November, Rishi Sunak announced he would slice <a href="" title="">£10bn from departmental budgets</a> in 2021, despite the prime minister ruling out cuts to public services. The chancellor <a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/26/sunak-to-use-budget-to-start-repairing-the-uks-public-finances" title="">hints</a> that tax rises are needed now to bring down the deficit, a policy that owes more to <a href="" title="">austerity economics</a> than Mr Johnson cares to admit. It is progressive to raise taxes on the wealthy or on excess business profits because it makes for a fairer society. But it is not progressive to do so to “balance the books”.</p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/28/the-guardian-view-on-madhouse-economics-tories-bet-it-makes-political-sense">Continue reading...</a> Budget 2021 Economic policy Rishi Sunak Politics Conservatives Boris Johnson Coronavirus Sun, 28 Feb 2021 18:30:01 GMT /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/the-guardian-view-on-madhouse-economics-tories-bet-it-makes-political-sense Photograph: BBC Picture Publicity/Getty Photograph: BBC Picture Publicity/Getty Editorial 2021-02-28T18:30:01Z The Hunturdeals view on a heritage culture war: stop weaponising history | Editorial /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/the-guardian-view-on-a-heritage-culture-war-stop-weaponising-history <p>Oliver Dowden should be championing museums and heritage charities, not stoking anger against them</p><p>Last Monday, culture secretary Oliver Dowden had his much-trailed <a href="" title="">video meeting</a> with 25 heads of heritage bodies and museums. It is to be hoped that he has now satisfied the desires, misplaced and embarrassing as they are, of those on the right who have been <a href="" title="">clamouring</a> for some kind of showdown with supposedly “woke” English cultural organisations. It is time for arguments about monuments and statues, which have been cynically and quite unforgivably stoked by the Conservatives, to be quietly de-escalated, and for the unhappy rhetoric that has developed on the right since last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests to be put aside in favour of a more sensible, calmer conversation about how best to understand Britain’s fascinating, complex and, yes, often difficult past.</p><p>It has been reckless and cynical of Robert Jenrick, the communities secretary, and others to <a href="" title="">fan the flames of discord</a>, characterising English councils, museums, charities and community leaders as rippers-down of monuments and deniers of history. It is notable that the mood has been a good deal calmer in the other countries of the UK, where the Tories do not hold sway on cultural policy. In England, one might think hordes of iconoclasts had been roaming the country. Precisely one statue, a long controversial sculpture of slave trader Edward Colston, was torn off its pedestal in Bristol last summer.</p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/28/the-guardian-view-on-a-heritage-culture-war-stop-weaponising-history">Continue reading...</a> Heritage Culture Oliver Dowden Politics Conservatives Coronavirus The National Trust Sun, 28 Feb 2021 18:25:00 GMT /commentisfree/2021/feb/28/the-guardian-view-on-a-heritage-culture-war-stop-weaponising-history Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA Editorial 2021-02-28T18:25:00Z Shamima Begum court decision brings shame on UK | Letters /uk-news/2021/feb/28/shamima-begum-court-ruling-brings-shame-on-uk <p>Readers respond to the supreme court decision that Begum will not have her citizenship restored</p><p>Every day it seems the Hunturdeals serves up another reason for being ashamed to be British. On Friday, it was the case of Shamima Begum (<a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/26/shamima-begum-cannot-return-to-uk-to-fight-for-citizenship-court-rules" title="">Shamima Begum loses fight to restore UK citizenship after supreme court ruling</a>, 26 February). It makes it particularly difficult that I’m tutoring someone who is hoping to take an A-level in British politics. All the books list human rights and explain how carefully protected they are in our system. Article 5 is supposed to protect the right to liberty and freedom from arbitrary detention. Yet the supreme court is unable to protect Begum’s rights against a home secretary who is operating a policy based on pandering to public opinion in return for (hoped-for) votes.</p><p>We are told that legal protections are particularly important in difficult cases – that is, cases where an individual presents as unpleasant or undeserving. Begum was a teenager who took the extraordinary step of leaving her country to defend something she believed was deserving of her support. But even if she left with the firm intention of terrorising her fellow citizens, does this mean she should be deprived of her rights? It is a matter not of what Begum deserves but of what our national honour, and our constitution, deserve. This has been increasingly in doubt in recent years, with the government threatening to renege over the Northern Irish border agreement; not to mention the Chagos Islands and our participation in rendering citizens to be tortured during the “war on terror”. <br incopy-break-type="webbreak"><strong>Jeremy Cushing</strong><br incopy-break-type="webbreak"><em>Exeter</em></p> <a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/28/shamima-begum-court-ruling-brings-shame-on-uk">Continue reading...</a> Shamima Begum Human rights UK criminal justice Human Rights Act Law Islamic State Syria Politics Media Chagos Islands Middle East and North Africa UK supreme court Priti Patel Sun, 28 Feb 2021 17:26:17 GMT /uk-news/2021/feb/28/shamima-begum-court-ruling-brings-shame-on-uk Photograph: BBC News Photograph: BBC News Letters 2021-02-28T17:26:17Z Labour’s nuclear weapons stance needs a rethink | Letters /world/2021/feb/28/labours-nuclear-weapons-stance-needs-a-rethink <p>Readers respond to the shadow defence secretary’s announcement that his party’s commitment to Trident is ‘non-negotiable’</p><p>You report (<a href="/politics/2021/feb/25/labour-to-state-non-negotiable-support-for-uks-nuclear-weapons" title="">Labour to state ‘non-negotiable’ support for UK’s nuclear weapons</a>, 25 February) that the shadow defence secretary, John Healey, says his party’s commitment to nuclear weapons is “non-negotiable”, seemingly taking a harder line even than successive Conservative governments, which have at least supported talks on multilateral nuclear disarmament.</p><p>The new Labour leadership in its rhetoric seems more frightened of being accused at home of being weak on defence than a nuclear attack by a foreign power. For years, Whitehall analysts have considered a pandemic more likely than any real threat of a nuclear attack. Yet for years, ministers and opposition frontbenchers ignored the former while exaggerating the latter. Trade union leaders, meanwhile, back a new Trident missile programme and spending more than £200bn on unusable weapons, citing the need to preserve highly skilled jobs. Yet Britain has had to bank on French engineers for civil nuclear power stations of which Britain now appears to be in dire need.<br incopy-break-type="webbreak"><strong>Richard Norton-Taylor</strong><br incopy-break-type="webbreak"><em>London</em></p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/labours-nuclear-weapons-stance-needs-a-rethink">Continue reading...</a> Nuclear weapons Labour Trident Defence policy Military Politics John Healey Sun, 28 Feb 2021 17:15:21 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/labours-nuclear-weapons-stance-needs-a-rethink Photograph: POA(Phot) TAM McDONALD / BRITISH MINISTRY OF DEFENCE / HANDOUT/EPA Photograph: POA(Phot) TAM McDONALD / BRITISH MINISTRY OF DEFENCE / HANDOUT/EPA Letters 2021-02-28T17:15:21Z Ellis Genge receives death threats after not clapping Wales into tunnel /sport/2021/feb/28/ellis-genge-death-threats-not-clapping-wales-tunnele-endland-six-nations <ul><li>Online video shows aftermath of England’s Six Nations defeat </li><li>RFU condemns abuse after prop hits out at ‘keyboard warriors’</li></ul><p>The England prop Ellis Genge has said he has received death threats after a video emerged online of him not clapping Wales into the tunnel after their Six Nations victory over Eddie Jones’ side on Saturday, which promptly led to the Rugby Football Union issuing a statement condemning the online abuse and hitting out at the lack of respect shown towards England players.</p><p>Genge, who came off the bench during England’s 40-24 defeat, posted on Twitter on Sunday night to explain why he stood motionless as his teammates applauded Wales back into the dressing rooms.</p> <a href="/sport/2021/feb/28/ellis-genge-death-threats-not-clapping-wales-tunnele-endland-six-nations">Continue reading...</a> England rugby union team Wales rugby union team Rugby union Sport Six Nations Six Nations 2021 Sun, 28 Feb 2021 23:27:45 GMT /sport/2021/feb/28/ellis-genge-death-threats-not-clapping-wales-tunnele-endland-six-nations Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images Gerard Meagher 2021-02-28T23:27:45Z Rivals have turned referees against Manchester United, says Solskjær /football/2021/feb/28/rivals-have-turned-referees-against-manchester-united-says-solskjr <ul><li>Manager upset after team denied penalty against Chelsea</li><li>Solskjær hits out at ‘cheeky’ coverage on Chelsea website</li></ul><p>Ole Gunnar Solskjær accused rival managers of looking to influence referees against Manchester United after his side were controversially denied a penalty during their <a href="/football/2021/feb/28/chelsea-manchester-united-premier-league-report" title="">goalless draw with Chelsea</a>, whose laboured attacking display saw them miss an opportunity to return to the top four.</p><p>Although Solskjær acknowledged United failed to do enough to win a dull encounter, he was left fuming after Stuart Attwell decided not to penalise a handball by Callum Hudson-Odoi during the early stages at Stamford Bridge. Attwell waved play on after the video assistant referee told him to check the on-pitch monitor and there was further controversy when Luke Shaw claimed the official told United’s captain, Harry Maguire, that he chose not to award a penalty because he was worried about the post-match reaction. United later sought to play down Shaw’s comments, stating that the left-back had, in fact, misheard Attwell’s claims.</p> <a href="/football/2021/feb/28/rivals-have-turned-referees-against-manchester-united-says-solskjr">Continue reading...</a> Premier League Manchester United Chelsea Football Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Sport Sun, 28 Feb 2021 20:52:07 GMT /football/2021/feb/28/rivals-have-turned-referees-against-manchester-united-says-solskjr Photograph: Ian Walton/AP Photograph: Ian Walton/AP Jacob Steinberg 2021-02-28T20:52:07Z Curtis Jones helps Liverpool sink Sheffield United and end losing run /football/2021/feb/28/sheffield-united-liverpool-premier-league-report <p>Liverpool have specialised in creating history in recent years but there could be a sense of relief they did not make more. The prospect of a fifth straight league defeat, a fate they had not suffered since 1953, loomed as long as Aaron Ramsdale produced an inspired performance to underpin Sheffield United’s committed one. But once Curtis Jones struck, Liverpool could start to savour the winning feeling and Kean Bryan’s own goal ensured the last match of February brought Liverpool’s first points.</p><p>Triumphs against the bottom club are rarely as welcome but the champions have at least revived their quest to qualify for the Champions League. “We needed the points to get in contact with the teams above us so it was very important,” Jürgen Klopp said. “It’s normal that we’re criticised. Plenty of people have written us off; that’s fine. With all the problems we have had we’re still around the exciting places.”</p> <a href="/football/2021/feb/28/sheffield-united-liverpool-premier-league-report">Continue reading...</a> Premier League Sheffield United Liverpool Football Sport Sun, 28 Feb 2021 21:22:21 GMT /football/2021/feb/28/sheffield-united-liverpool-premier-league-report Photograph: Oli Scarff/PA Photograph: Oli Scarff/PA Richard Jolly at Bramall Lane 2021-02-28T21:22:21Z Gordon Elliott confirms picture of him sitting on dead horse is genuine /sport/2021/feb/28/horse-racing-gordon-elliott-cooperating-investigation-social-media-image <ul><li>Tiger Roll’s trainer apologises for image on social media<br></li><li>Elliott ‘cooperating fully’ with IHRB investigation</li></ul><p>Gordon Elliott, the trainer of dual Grand National winner Tiger Roll, confirmed on Sunday evening that an image circulating widely on social media, which shows the trainer sitting on a dead horse on his gallops, is genuine, while also providing what he said was “some context” surrounding the circumstances in which it was taken.</p><p>Elliott said on Saturday evening that he was “cooperating fully” with an investigation into the image by the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB), but offered no further comment until 24 hours later, when he issued a statement to say that he wished to “address the speculation and rumours” that had been “rife since an old photo of me began circulating on social media” on Saturday afternoon.</p> <a href="/sport/2021/feb/28/horse-racing-gordon-elliott-cooperating-investigation-social-media-image">Continue reading...</a> Horse racing Cheltenham Festival Ireland Sport Sun, 28 Feb 2021 23:44:47 GMT /sport/2021/feb/28/horse-racing-gordon-elliott-cooperating-investigation-social-media-image Photograph: David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile/Getty Images Photograph: David Fitzgerald/Sportsfile/Getty Images Greg Wood 2021-02-28T23:44:47Z Rehabilitate Bess and work the spin: how England can stop rot in India | Tim de Lisle /sport/2021/feb/28/rehabilitate-bess-and-spin-england-india-root-stokes-bairstow-cricket <p>Joe Root’s side must win on another turner to draw the Test series and it is time for Stokes and Bairstow to step up</p><p>Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust: if Ashwin don’t get you, Axar must. The whole cycle of English cricket rolls – or lurches – from Ashes to Ashes. The management tend to forget about dust until suddenly there it is, blowing up in their faces.</p><p>The pink-ball Test in Ahmedabad was supposed to be a red-letter day for England’s seamers. “I can tell you,” said Ben Stokes beforehand, “Jimmy [Anderson], Jofra [Archer] and Stuart [Broad] have been licking their lips.” Afterwards, with one wicket between them, the <a href="/sport/2021/feb/25/england-two-day-thrashing-third-test-india-inquest">only thing they were licking was their wounds</a>.</p> <a href="/sport/2021/feb/28/rehabilitate-bess-and-spin-england-india-root-stokes-bairstow-cricket">Continue reading...</a> England in India 2020-21 England cricket team India cricket team Cricket Sport Sun, 28 Feb 2021 17:01:47 GMT /sport/2021/feb/28/rehabilitate-bess-and-spin-england-india-root-stokes-bairstow-cricket Photograph: Saikat Das/Saikat Das/ Sportzpics for BCCI Photograph: Saikat Das/Saikat Das/ Sportzpics for BCCI Tim de Lisle 2021-02-28T17:01:47Z Gareth Bale hits two as Tottenham's revamped attack blows Burnley away /football/2021/feb/28/tottenham-burnley-premier-league-match-report <p>This was exactly the kind of afternoon Tottenham had hoped for when Gareth Bale jetted back in five months ago. Two goals and an assist offered compelling evidence that he has a use beyond Europa League cameos and heightened the impression that, at long last, he is ready to be both the game-changer and team player José Mourinho wants.</p><p>Perhaps even more encouraging than the individual flourishes was his harmony with the rest of Spurs’ front four, each of whom were outstanding. Everyone was on the same page and that was evident in the sumptuous 60-yard ball Bale played to Harry Kane for the strike that effectively put this game beyond Burnley. </p> <a href="/football/2021/feb/28/tottenham-burnley-premier-league-match-report">Continue reading...</a> Premier League Tottenham Hotspur Burnley Football Sport Sun, 28 Feb 2021 16:17:06 GMT /football/2021/feb/28/tottenham-burnley-premier-league-match-report Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Hunturdeals Nick Ames at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 2021-02-28T16:17:06Z BBC and RFU 'strongly condemn' online abuse sent to Sonja McLaughlan /sport/2021/feb/28/bbc-rfu-strongly-condemn-online-abuse-sent-to-sonja-mclaughlan-rugby-union <ul><li>BBC rugby reporter was sent abuse after pitchside interviews</li><li>RFU: ‘Abuse for doing your job is not OK. We stand with you’</li></ul><p>The BBC and the Rugby Football Union have strongly condemned the online abuse suffered by the reporter Sonja McLaughlan following her pitchside interviews after Wales’s Six Nations victory over England on Saturday.</p><p>McLaughlan’s questioning of the England captain Owen Farrell and the head coach Eddie Jones – as well as their opposite numbers, Alun Wyn Jones and Wayne Pivac – shortly after full-time was followed by a series of abusive insults on social media.</p> <a href="/sport/2021/feb/28/bbc-rfu-strongly-condemn-online-abuse-sent-to-sonja-mclaughlan-rugby-union">Continue reading...</a> Rugby union Sport Six Nations 2021 Six Nations BBC Media Online abuse Rugby Football Union Sun, 28 Feb 2021 18:39:34 GMT /sport/2021/feb/28/bbc-rfu-strongly-condemn-online-abuse-sent-to-sonja-mclaughlan-rugby-union Photograph: BBC Photograph: BBC Gerard Meagher 2021-02-28T18:39:34Z Arsenal get back on track with comfortable WSL win at Aston Villa /football/2021/feb/28/aston-villa-arsenal-wsl-match-report <p>Arsenal’s manager, Joe Montemurro, said his team “have the football, have the players, have the belief and have the preparation” to kickstart a winning run after securing their first victory of 2021. The Gunners sit outside of the Champions League qualification spots in fourth but play third-placed Manchester United on 18 March.</p><p>“From our perspective it’s one game at a time, we know what we need to achieve, we’ve got targets we can control and we know we can,” he said after a game where Vivianne Miedema opened the scoring in the 59th minute.</p> <a href="/football/2021/feb/28/aston-villa-arsenal-wsl-match-report">Continue reading...</a> Women's Super League Aston Villa Women Arsenal Women Football Sport Women's football Sun, 28 Feb 2021 17:38:10 GMT /football/2021/feb/28/aston-villa-arsenal-wsl-match-report Photograph: Naomi Baker/Getty Images Photograph: Naomi Baker/Getty Images Suzanne Wrack at the Banks's Stadium 2021-02-28T17:38:10Z Rail fares to rise by 2.6% in England and Wales /uk-news/2021/mar/01/rail-fares-to-rise-by-26-in-england-and-wales <p>Ticket costs to go up by more than RPI inflation for first time since 2013 amid concerns about high prices</p><p><a href="/money/rail-fares">Rail fares</a> in England and Wales will increase by 2.6% on Monday, the first time the government has chosen to put up prices above RPI inflation since 2013, in a move that has been criticised for further pricing middle income earners out of rail travel and undermining the government’s green credentials.</p><p>The price rise comes despite calls for freezes or even discounts to help attract passengers back to the railways.</p> <a href="/uk-news/2021/mar/01/rail-fares-to-rise-by-26-in-england-and-wales">Continue reading...</a> Transport Transport policy Rail fares Rail transport Rail industry Business Money Politics UK news Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:00:08 GMT /uk-news/2021/mar/01/rail-fares-to-rise-by-26-in-england-and-wales Photograph: Luciana Guerra/PA Photograph: Luciana Guerra/PA Gwyn Topham and Joanna Partridge 2021-03-01T00:00:08Z Wales bans smoking at hospitals, schools and playgrounds /society/2021/mar/01/wales-bans-smoking-at-hospitals-schools-and-playgrounds <p>Anyone breaking the law could face £100 penalty in drive to discourage people from smoking</p><p>Wales has become the first of the UK nations to make it illegal to smoke on hospital and school grounds, public playgrounds and other outdoor day care and childminding settings.</p><p>A penalty of up to £100 could be given to anyone breaking the law, which is aimed at helping to discourage people from starting smoking and to support those trying to quit.</p> <a href="/society/2021/mar/01/wales-bans-smoking-at-hospitals-schools-and-playgrounds">Continue reading...</a> Smoking Society Health UK news Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:01:07 GMT /society/2021/mar/01/wales-bans-smoking-at-hospitals-schools-and-playgrounds Photograph: Jeff Chiu/AP Photograph: Jeff Chiu/AP Steven Morris 2021-03-01T00:01:07Z Uber accused of using 'loaded questions' in drivers survey /technology/2021/mar/01/uber-accused-of-using-loaded-questions-in-drivers-survey <p>Unions say questions are designed to help get sympathetic changes in employment law</p><p><a href="/technology/uber">Uber</a> has been accused of using “loaded questions” in a consultation with drivers, after a landmark court ruling handed workers rights to improved conditions.</p><p>The firm may have to pay out over £100m in compensation to 10,000 drivers, after the <a href="/technology/2021/feb/19/uber-drivers-workers-uk-supreme-court-rules-rights">UK supreme court ruled</a> last week they are entitled to holiday pay, a company pension and the national minimum wage. Uber has previously argued that its 60,000 UK drivers are self-employed independent contractors with limited employment rights.</p> <a href="/technology/2021/mar/01/uber-accused-of-using-loaded-questions-in-drivers-survey">Continue reading...</a> Uber Employment law Law Technology UK news Trade unions Politics Business Mon, 01 Mar 2021 00:01:08 GMT /technology/2021/mar/01/uber-accused-of-using-loaded-questions-in-drivers-survey Photograph: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images Photograph: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images Sarah Butler 2021-03-01T00:01:08Z Liverpool Labour councillors fail to abolish role of city mayor /uk-news/2021/feb/28/liverpool-labour-councillors-fail-abolish-city-mayor <p>Motion to revert to leader and cabinet model followed scrapping of all-female mayoral shortlist</p><p>Labour councillors in Liverpool have failed in an attempt to abolish the city mayoral role in protest against a decision by the party to <a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/23/labour-scraps-all-female-shortlist-for-liverpool-mayor">scrap its all-female mayoral shortlist</a> and bar three senior local politicians from standing.</p><p>The move means the party must scrabble around to find a plausible candidate for May’s elections, following the <a href="/uk-news/2020/dec/10/liverpool-mayor-joe-anderson-to-step-aside-following-arrest">arrest of the incumbent, Joe Anderson</a>.</p> <a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/28/liverpool-labour-councillors-fail-abolish-city-mayor">Continue reading...</a> Liverpool Mayoral elections City mayors Local government Local politics Politics Society UK news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 13:19:02 GMT /uk-news/2021/feb/28/liverpool-labour-councillors-fail-abolish-city-mayor Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Hunturdeals Helen Pidd North of England editor 2021-02-28T13:19:02Z Two adults and child warned after camping on Yorkshire cliff edge /uk-news/2021/feb/28/two-adults-and-child-warned-after-camping-on-yorkshire-cliff-edge <p>Rescue teams and police attend site known for landslips after tent spotted on coastline</p><p>A couple and a child have been visited by emergency services after pitching a tent on a cliff edge in a stretch of the North York Moors known for landslips.</p><p>Police officers were alerted as the family’s trip breached Covid-19 regulations, the coastguard said on Saturday, but it is unclear whether they were fined.</p> <a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/28/two-adults-and-child-warned-after-camping-on-yorkshire-cliff-edge">Continue reading...</a> Yorkshire Coronavirus Police UK news Coastlines Sun, 28 Feb 2021 18:18:01 GMT /uk-news/2021/feb/28/two-adults-and-child-warned-after-camping-on-yorkshire-cliff-edge Photograph: Alastair Smith/Alastair Smith / Staithes Coastguard Photograph: Alastair Smith/Alastair Smith / Staithes Coastguard Clea Skopeliti 2021-02-28T18:18:01Z British Sikh 'tortured' in India after arrest must be freed, say MPs /world/2021/feb/28/british-sikh-tortured-in-india-after-arrest-must-be-freed-say-mps <p>Nearly 140 parliamentarians warn trumped-up charges could result in death penalty for Jagtar Singh Johal</p><p>Nearly 140 MPs and peers have written to Dominic Raab urging him to do more to secure the release of a young Sikh man facing the death penalty in India after a confession allegedly extracted under torture.</p><p>The letter calls on the foreign secretary to accept that Jagtar Singh Johal is being detained arbitrarily, and says at least three of the charges levelled against him carried the death penalty.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/british-sikh-tortured-in-india-after-arrest-must-be-freed-say-mps">Continue reading...</a> India Dominic Raab Sikhism Politics Religion South and Central Asia UK news World news Human rights Boris Johnson Narendra Modi G7 Capital punishment Sun, 28 Feb 2021 19:47:37 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/british-sikh-tortured-in-india-after-arrest-must-be-freed-say-mps Photograph: Shammi Mehra/AFP/Getty Images Photograph: Shammi Mehra/AFP/Getty Images Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor 2021-02-28T19:47:37Z Theatre designer warns of obstacles for arts workers in Europe post-Brexit /politics/2021/feb/28/theatre-designer-warns-of-obstacles-for-arts-workers-in-europe-post-brexit <p>Andrew Edwards urges government in open letter to reopen talks to renegotiate an EU-wide visa system for arts workers</p><p>A British opera and theatre designer has told of an “intimidating” post Brexit experience in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam which nearly cost him his first paid job since the pandemic started a year ago.</p><p>Andrew Edwards says the “roadblock” he experienced is a foretaste of the “humiliation” to come once Europe reopens its borders with musicians, crews, and crafts people working in the arts now required to have paperwork to ply their trade in each country.</p> <a href="/politics/2021/feb/28/theatre-designer-warns-of-obstacles-for-arts-workers-in-europe-post-brexit">Continue reading...</a> Brexit European Union UK news Culture Theatre Opera Europe Politics Sun, 28 Feb 2021 08:45:08 GMT /politics/2021/feb/28/theatre-designer-warns-of-obstacles-for-arts-workers-in-europe-post-brexit Photograph: Antonio Olmos/The Observer Photograph: Antonio Olmos/The Observer Lisa O'Carroll 2021-02-28T08:45:08Z Vulnerable children 'forgotten' in Covid vaccine rollout, say UK charities /society/2021/feb/28/vulnerable-children-forgotten-in-covid-vaccine-rollout-say-uk-charities <p>Ministers urged to help families struggling to protect children with underlying health conditions</p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>Thousands of the UK’s most vulnerable children are being “forgotten” in the coronavirus vaccine rollout, charities have said, as they urged ministers to help struggling families.</p><p>The country has met its target of vaccinating the most clinically vulnerable adults, but under-16s are not eligible as current vaccines have not been licensed for minors.</p> <a href="/society/2021/feb/28/vulnerable-children-forgotten-in-covid-vaccine-rollout-say-uk-charities">Continue reading...</a> Vaccines and immunisation Coronavirus Children Science Society UK news Carers Social care Health Infectious diseases Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:57:27 GMT /society/2021/feb/28/vulnerable-children-forgotten-in-covid-vaccine-rollout-say-uk-charities Photograph: Jacob King/EPA Photograph: Jacob King/EPA Frances Ryan 2021-02-28T10:57:27Z More than 50,000 people call for inquiry into use of Queen's consent /uk-news/2021/feb/28/queens-consent-investigation-petition <p>Tens of thousands sign petition to investigate mechanism that allows Queen to vet draft laws </p><p>More than 50,000 people have called for a parliamentary investigation into an “unfathomable” mechanism that allows the Queen to vet draft laws before they are approved by the UK’s elected representatives.</p><p>They have <a href="">signed a petition</a> supporting an urgent investigation by a House of Commons committee as they are concerned that the “royal family has a worrying and undemocratic ability to influence the government behind closed doors”.</p> <a href="/uk-news/2021/feb/28/queens-consent-investigation-petition">Continue reading...</a> Monarchy The Queen UK news Law Prince Charles Politics Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:00:10 GMT /uk-news/2021/feb/28/queens-consent-investigation-petition Photograph: Kirsty O’Connor/PA Photograph: Kirsty O’Connor/PA Rob Evans and David Pegg 2021-02-28T10:00:10Z A fifth of healthcare workers in England have still not received first Covid jab /world/2021/feb/28/a-fifth-of-healthcare-workers-in-england-have-still-not-received-first-covid-jab <p>BMA chief urges NHS staff to take up the vaccine amid signs of gaps in coverage among ethnic minorities</p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>More than a fifth of NHS healthcare workers in England had still not received their first dose of Covid vaccine a week ago, the <em>Observer</em> can reveal, as medics urged their colleagues to take one as soon as possible.</p><p>The government has claimed that all healthcare workers have been offered a jab, but new figures released by NHS England show that only 77% of all its 1.4 million healthcare staff had received the vaccine by 20 February. However, that figure is likely to have increased further over the past week. The figure is also likely to be higher for those working directly with Covid patients, but no direct data is currently available.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/a-fifth-of-healthcare-workers-in-england-have-still-not-received-first-covid-jab">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus NHS Health Infectious diseases Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:00:11 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/a-fifth-of-healthcare-workers-in-england-have-still-not-received-first-covid-jab Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Hunturdeals Michael Savage 2021-02-28T10:00:11Z Iran says it will not attend talks with US over nuclear deal /world/2021/feb/28/iran-says-it-wont-attend-talks-with-us-over-nuclear-deal <p>New impasse as Tehran accuses Washington of not doing enough to lift sanctions against it<br></p><p>The Iranian foreign ministry has announced it is not willing to attend EU-brokered talks with the US over the future of the Iran nuclear deal because Washington has not done enough to lift sanctions against Tehran.</p><p>The Biden administration, <a href="/world/2021/feb/18/iran-nuclear-deal-hangs-in-balance-as-tehran-turns-screw-on-us">committed to returning</a> to the <a href="/world/2015/jul/14/iran-nuclear-deal-expected-to-be-announced-in-vienna">2015 nuclear deal</a>, had said it was willing to attend talks, but would discuss what it would take to lift US sanctions at the negotiating table, and not before. It said it needed to know what measures Iran would accept to come back into compliance with the deal.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/iran-says-it-wont-attend-talks-with-us-over-nuclear-deal">Continue reading...</a> Iran Iran nuclear deal Iran's nuclear programme Middle East and North Africa World news US news Joe Biden Biden administration US foreign policy Sun, 28 Feb 2021 19:31:01 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/iran-says-it-wont-attend-talks-with-us-over-nuclear-deal Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor 2021-02-28T19:31:01Z Republican predicts Trump won’t be party’s presidential nominee in 2024 /us-news/2021/feb/28/trump-republican-party-election-2024 <p>Senator Bill Cassidy points to seats lost in House and Senate during Trump presidency and says ‘if we idolize one person, we will lose’</p><p>Bill Cassidy, the Louisiana Republican senator, predicted on Sunday morning that Donald Trump will not be the party’s nominee for president in 2024, pointing to the number of seats lost by Republicans in the House and Senate over the four years Trump was in office.</p><p>Cassidy was asked on CNN’s State of the Union show whether he would support Trump if the former president runs for another term in 2024, or if he would support him if he did run and won the Republican nomination to challenge Joe Biden.</p> <a href="/us-news/2021/feb/28/trump-republican-party-election-2024">Continue reading...</a> US elections 2024 Republicans Donald Trump US news US politics Sun, 28 Feb 2021 16:32:40 GMT /us-news/2021/feb/28/trump-republican-party-election-2024 Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters Joanna Walters in New York 2021-02-28T16:32:40Z Chile emerges as global leader in Covid inoculations with 'pragmatic strategy' /global-development/2021/feb/28/chile-covid-inoculations-vaccines-strategy <p>After initially enduring criticism over its handling of restrictions, Chile moved to secure vaccines from a range of suppliers </p><p>Chile has administered more than 3.1m vaccine doses in just three weeks to emerge as a global leader in Covid-19 inoculations, trailing only the US, UK, UAE and Israel in vaccination doses per 100 people.</p><p>Having initially endured <a href="/global-development/2020/may/05/chile-coronavirus-healthcare-protest-inequality">heavy criticism over its handling of pandemic restrictions</a>, Chile has moved quickly to secure vaccines from a range of suppliers and aims to have 80% of its population immunised against the virus by June. It has already vaccinated 16% of its 19 million citizens at hospitals, schools, stadia and municipal buildings throughout the country.</p> <a href="/global-development/2021/feb/28/chile-covid-inoculations-vaccines-strategy">Continue reading...</a> Global development Chile Coronavirus Vaccines and immunisation Americas Sun, 28 Feb 2021 11:00:12 GMT /global-development/2021/feb/28/chile-covid-inoculations-vaccines-strategy Photograph: Iván Alvarado/Reuters Photograph: Iván Alvarado/Reuters John Bartlett in Santiago 2021-02-28T11:00:12Z Denmark’s climate policies 'insufficient' to meet 2030 target /world/2021/feb/28/denmark-climate-policies-insufficient-to-meet-2030-emissions-target <p>Report says country set to cut carbon emissions by 54% compared with 1990 levels, not 70% as planned</p><p>The Danish government’s efforts towards meeting the country’s ambitious target of reducing emissions by 70% by 2030 have been judged “insufficient” by the body tasked with monitoring its progress, with measures so far announced only likely to take it a third of the way.</p><p>In its first annual status report, the Danish Council on Climate Change said new laws, inter-party agreements and initiatives announced since the country’s climate law came into effect last June would reduce emissions by the equivalent of 7.2m tonnes of CO2 by 2030, which is only enough to reduce Denmark’s emissions by 54% compared with 1990 levels.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/denmark-climate-policies-insufficient-to-meet-2030-emissions-target">Continue reading...</a> Denmark Environment Climate change Carbon capture and storage (CCS) Greenhouse gas emissions Europe World news Energy Wind power Renewable energy Sun, 28 Feb 2021 14:57:53 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/denmark-climate-policies-insufficient-to-meet-2030-emissions-target Photograph: Alamy Photograph: Alamy Richard Orange 2021-02-28T14:57:53Z New York attorney general seeks to investigate Cuomo sexual harassment claims /us-news/2021/feb/28/andrew-cuomo-sexual-harassment-allegations-charlotte-bennett <p>Letitia James backs calls from congressional Democrats as governor apologises if conduct ‘misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation’</p><p>The crisis enveloping New York governor Andrew Cuomo deepened on Sunday evening as the state’s attorney general demanded he grant her the authority to investigate claims he sexually harassed at least two women who worked for him – and the governor admitted his behaviour may have been “misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation” and offered a qualified apology.</p><p>Democrats statewide appeared to be abandoning Cuomo in large numbers.</p> <a href="/us-news/2021/feb/28/andrew-cuomo-sexual-harassment-allegations-charlotte-bennett">Continue reading...</a> New York US news Andrew Cuomo Democrats Sexual harassment Sun, 28 Feb 2021 22:55:54 GMT /us-news/2021/feb/28/andrew-cuomo-sexual-harassment-allegations-charlotte-bennett Photograph: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images Photograph: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images Richard Luscombe 2021-02-28T22:55:54Z Miami Beach to cut back on famous palm trees over climate concerns /us-news/2021/feb/28/miami-beach-palm-trees-climate-change-cool <p>City to plant shadier trees to preserve its environment, keep people cool, reduce urban warming and improve air quality</p><p>As a poster child for the climate emergency, Miami Beach has become a world leader in mitigating the effects of sea-level rise. Now the subtropical Florida city is cutting back on its famous swaying palm trees as it seeks shadier alternatives to preserve its environment and try to keep residents and visitors cool.</p><p> <span>Related: </span><a href="/us-news/2021/feb/27/republicans-trump-blue-collar-comeback-working-people">Republicans push 'blue-collar comeback' –&nbsp;but is the party a true friend of the worker?</a> </p> <a href="/us-news/2021/feb/28/miami-beach-palm-trees-climate-change-cool">Continue reading...</a> Miami Conservation Trees and forests US news Environment World news Florida Sun, 28 Feb 2021 08:00:08 GMT /us-news/2021/feb/28/miami-beach-palm-trees-climate-change-cool Photograph: Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich/EPA Photograph: Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich/EPA Richard Luscombe in Miami 2021-02-28T08:00:08Z Hong Kong: 47 key activists charged with subversion and face life if convicted /world/2021/feb/28/hong-kong-47-democracy-activists-charged-with-subversion-under-security-law <p>Pro-democracy group accused of organising unofficial election last July in largest crackdown on campaigners</p><p>Nearly every main voice of dissent in Hong Kong is now in jail or exile, after Hong Kong police charged 47 pro-democracy campaigners and politicians with conspiracy to commit subversion. All face life in prison if convicted.</p><p>The group comprises most of <a href="/world/2021/jan/07/hong-kong-police-release-american-citizen-arrested-in-purge-of-democracy-figures">the 55 people arrested</a> last month, over primary polls held last year, <a href="/world/2021/jan/06/dozens-of-hong-kong-pro-democracy-figures-arrested-in-sweeping-crackdown">in a dawn raid</a> that marked the single biggest operation conducted under the controversial and draconian national security law.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/hong-kong-47-democracy-activists-charged-with-subversion-under-security-law">Continue reading...</a> Hong Kong Asia Pacific World news Activism Sun, 28 Feb 2021 15:12:36 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/hong-kong-47-democracy-activists-charged-with-subversion-under-security-law Photograph: Jérôme Favre/EPA Photograph: Jérôme Favre/EPA Helen Davidson in Taipei 2021-02-28T15:12:36Z Why Toronto is taking action against a carpenter amid its homelessness crisis /world/2021/feb/28/toronto-tiny-home-homelessness-crisis <p>After a tragedy where a man was killed by a fire in a tiny home, the city has blamed the man who built the structures</p><p>For the thousands of homeless people who live in Toronto, winter represents the most challenging and dangerous season. Heavy snowfall crushes tents and cold rains leak through them, damaging belongings and soaking sleeping pads.</p><p>When Khaleel Seivwright surveyed the city’s housing crisis last autumn, he hoped that his background in carpentry could be of some help. Within weeks, his tiny wooden houses began appearing in city parks.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/toronto-tiny-home-homelessness-crisis">Continue reading...</a> Canada Homelessness Americas Poverty Sun, 28 Feb 2021 12:00:12 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/toronto-tiny-home-homelessness-crisis Photograph: Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty Images Photograph: Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty Images Leyland Cecco in Toronto 2021-02-28T12:00:12Z Pope Francis expects to remain in Rome until his death /world/2021/feb/28/pope-francis-expects-to-remain-pontiff-until-his-death <p>Francis says in new book he expects to die in Rome, not his native Argentina, either as ‘active or emeritus’ pope</p><p>Pope Francis expects to die in Rome, still the Catholic pontiff, without returning to spend his final days in his native Argentina, according to a new book titled The Health of Popes.</p><p>In an interview granted to Argentinian journalist and physician Nelson Castro at the Vatican in February 2019, the pope said he thinks about death, but does not fear it.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/pope-francis-expects-to-remain-pontiff-until-his-death">Continue reading...</a> Pope Francis Catholicism Christianity Religion The papacy Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:51:22 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/pope-francis-expects-to-remain-pontiff-until-his-death Photograph: ANSA/CLAUDIO PERI/EPA Photograph: ANSA/CLAUDIO PERI/EPA Agence France-Presse 2021-02-28T10:51:22Z 'I'm operating': doctor who made Zoom court appearance while in surgery investigated /us-news/2021/feb/28/im-operating-doctor-makes-zoom-court-appearance-while-in-surgery <p>California medical board to investigate after plastic surgeon appeared at a virtual trial from an operating theatre</p><p>A plastic surgeon is under an ethics investigation in California for appearing at a virtual court hearing while dressed in medical scrubs and operating on a patient.</p><p>Dr Scott Green had already begun the procedure when he was called by the clerk of the Sacramento superior court to answer a traffic charge.</p> <a href="/us-news/2021/feb/28/im-operating-doctor-makes-zoom-court-appearance-while-in-surgery">Continue reading...</a> California Zoom US news Technology World news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 17:00:59 GMT /us-news/2021/feb/28/im-operating-doctor-makes-zoom-court-appearance-while-in-surgery Photograph: AP Photograph: AP Richard Luscombe in Miami and agency 2021-02-28T17:00:59Z Climatologist Michael E Mann: 'Good people fall victim to doomism. I do too sometimes' /environment/2021/feb/27/climatologist-michael-e-mann-doomism-climate-crisis-interview <p>The author and eminent climate scientist on the deniers’ new tactics and why positive change feels closer than it has done in 20 years</p><p>Michael E Mann is one of the world’s most influential climate scientists. He rose to prominence in 1999 as the co-author of the <a href="/environment/2010/feb/02/hockey-stick-graph-climate-change">“hockey-stick graph”</a>, which showed the sharp rise in global temperatures since the industrial age. This was the clearest evidence anyone had provided of the link between human emissions and global warming. This made him a target. He and other scientists have been subject to “climategate” email hacking, personal abuse and online trolling. In his new book, <em><a href="/books/2021/feb/14/how-to-avoid-a-climate-disaster-by-bill-gates-the-new-climate-war-by-michael-e-mann-review">The New Climate War</a></em>, he argues the tide may finally be turning in a hopeful direction.</p><p><strong>You are a battle-scarred veteran of many climate campaigns. What’s new about the climate war?<br></strong>For more than two decades I was in the crosshairs of climate change deniers, fossil fuel industry groups and those advocating for them – conservative politicians and media outlets. This was part of a larger effort to discredit the science of climate change that is arguably the most well-funded, most organised PR campaign in history. Now we finally have reached the point where it is not credible to deny climate change because people can see it playing out in real time in front of their eyes.</p> <a href="/environment/2021/feb/27/climatologist-michael-e-mann-doomism-climate-crisis-interview">Continue reading...</a> Climate change Environment Science Science and scepticism Sat, 27 Feb 2021 16:00:29 GMT /environment/2021/feb/27/climatologist-michael-e-mann-doomism-climate-crisis-interview Photograph: Jessica Hromas/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Jessica Hromas/The Hunturdeals Jonathan Watts 2021-02-27T16:00:29Z Changes in Atlantic currents may have dire climate implications for the next century | Andrew Meijers /commentisfree/2021/feb/26/atlantic-currents-climate-oceans-next-century <p>Without modifying human behaviour we run the risk of violent weather swings and a drastic effect on crops and ocean life</p><p>The ocean circulation that keeps our relatively northern corner of Europe warm(ish) is often likened to a gigantic conveyor belt bringing warm equatorial water northwards at the surface, balanced by cold southward flow at great depth. The <a href="/environment/2021/feb/25/atlantic-ocean-circulation-at-weakest-in-a-millennium-say-scientists">Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation</a>, or AMOC for short, brings heat energy northward at the equivalent rate of 10 Hiroshima bombs <em>every</em> <em>second </em>and keeps our weather mild, and just a little bit too damp, and is critical to the wider climate.</p><p>New research has provided important long-term context for scientists’ observations of these Atlantic currents that bring warmth and climatic stability to our shores, <a href="/environment/2021/feb/25/atlantic-ocean-circulation-at-weakest-in-a-millennium-say-scientists">with concerning implications</a> for the coming century. Changes in the AMOC in the geologic past have caused significant local and global impacts, and for several decades now oceanographers have been monitoring its strength. </p> <a href="/commentisfree/2021/feb/26/atlantic-currents-climate-oceans-next-century">Continue reading...</a> Climate change Oceans Environment Climate change Science UK news Europe World news Fri, 26 Feb 2021 16:51:37 GMT /commentisfree/2021/feb/26/atlantic-currents-climate-oceans-next-century Photograph: Cameron Smith/Getty Images Photograph: Cameron Smith/Getty Images Andrew Meijers 2021-02-26T16:51:37Z CO2 emissions: nations' pledges 'far away' from Paris target, says UN /environment/2021/feb/26/co2-emissions-nations-pledges-far-away-from-paris-target-says-un <p>Secretary general António Guterres says first assessment of promises amounts to ‘red alert for our planet’</p><p>The first assessment of countries’ pledges to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade, a vital component of the <a href="/environment/2020/dec/08/the-paris-agreement-five-years-on-is-it-strong-enough-to-avert-climate-catastrophe">Paris climate agreement</a>, has found they are only a fraction of the effort needed to avoid climate breakdown.</p><p>If all of the national pledges submitted so far were fulfilled, global emissions would be reduced by only 1% by 2030, compared with 2010 levels. Scientists have said a <a href="/environment/2018/oct/08/we-must-reduce-greenhouse-gas-emissions-to-net-zero-or-face-more-floods">45% reduction is needed in the next 10 years</a> to keep global heating to no more than 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, in line with the Paris agreement.</p> <a href="/environment/2021/feb/26/co2-emissions-nations-pledges-far-away-from-paris-target-says-un">Continue reading...</a> Environment Greenhouse gas emissions Climate change Cop26: Glasgow climate change conference 2021 United Nations Global climate talks World news Fri, 26 Feb 2021 16:22:54 GMT /environment/2021/feb/26/co2-emissions-nations-pledges-far-away-from-paris-target-says-un Photograph: Florian Gaertner/Photothek/Getty Images Photograph: Florian Gaertner/Photothek/Getty Images Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent 2021-02-26T16:22:54Z Why Bitcoin is so bad for the planet – video explainer /technology/video/2021/feb/25/why-bitcoin-is-so-bad-for-the-planet-video-explainer <p>In a year, bitcoin uses around the same about of electricity as the entire country of Norway.&nbsp;</p><p>The digital currency is one that allows people to bypass banks and traditional payment methods. It is the most prominent among thousands of so-called&nbsp;<a href="/technology/cryptocurrencies">cryptocurrencies</a>&nbsp;and has been repeatedly reaching new records - but is it sustainable?&nbsp;</p><p>The Hunturdeals's UK technology editor Alex Hern examines how exactly bitcoin uses electricity and if the environmental cost is too high<br></p><ul><li><a href="/technology/2021/jan/11/what-bitcoin-why-many-people-buy-cryptocurrency-financial-regulator">What is bitcoin and why are so many people looking to buy it?<br></a></li><li><a href="/technology/2021/feb/09/rise-in-popularity-of-cryptocurrencies-in-worlds-conflict-zones">Cryptocurrencies rise in popularity in world's conflict zones</a><br></li></ul> <a href="/technology/video/2021/feb/25/why-bitcoin-is-so-bad-for-the-planet-video-explainer">Continue reading...</a> Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies Environment UK news World news Internet Thu, 25 Feb 2021 08:22:22 GMT /technology/video/2021/feb/25/why-bitcoin-is-so-bad-for-the-planet-video-explainer Photograph: REUTERS Photograph: REUTERS Alex Hern, Monika Cvorak, Ali Assaf, Meital Miselevich and Nikhita Chulani 2021-02-25T08:22:22Z From dealing drugs to delivering food: Pastor Mick on Burnley's Covid crisis – video report /uk-news/video/2021/feb/25/from-dealing-drugs-to-delivering-food-pastor-mick-on-burnleys-covid-crisis-video-report <p>Pastor Mick Fleming has devoted all of his time in this lockdown to supporting the poorest communities in Burnley. But his life hasn’t always been this way. He tells us how he swapped a life of crime&nbsp;​for delivering&nbsp;food parcels​ seven days a week, holding funerals for free and counselling people through&nbsp;drug relapses. He says the suffering of the poorest people in his town should make society deeply uncomfortable</p><p>Mick's Church on the Street charity:</p><ul><li>In the UK and Ireland, Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123 or email&nbsp;<a href=""><i></i></a><i>&nbsp;or&nbsp;</i><a href=""><i></i></a><i>. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is&nbsp;</i><a href="tel:%28800%29%20273-8255"><i>1-800-273-8255</i></a><i>. In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is 13 11 14. Other international helplines can be found at&nbsp;</i><a href=""><i></i></a><br></li></ul><p><br></p> <a href="/uk-news/video/2021/feb/25/from-dealing-drugs-to-delivering-food-pastor-mick-on-burnleys-covid-crisis-video-report">Continue reading...</a> Burnley Poverty Social exclusion Drugs Society UK news Thu, 25 Feb 2021 10:00:23 GMT /uk-news/video/2021/feb/25/from-dealing-drugs-to-delivering-food-pastor-mick-on-burnleys-covid-crisis-video-report Photograph: The Hunturdeals Photograph: The Hunturdeals Christopher Cherry, Maeve Shearlaw and Charlie Phillips 2021-02-25T10:00:23Z Pressure to procreate: inside Hungary’s baby drive – video /news/video/2021/feb/23/pressure-to-procreate-inside-hungarys-baby-drive-video <p>Hungary has one of the lowest birthrates in Europe, and the prime minister, Viktor Orbán, is spending significant money trying to convince young people to have babies. Leah Green and Ekaterina Ochagavia visit Budapest, where they meet three women of similar age and with very different outlooks on the country’s parenting drive</p><ul><li><a href="/world/video/2021/feb/09/europes-baby-bust-can-paying-for-pregnancies-save-greece-video">Europe’s 'baby bust': can paying for pregnancies save Greece? - video</a></li></ul> <a href="/news/video/2021/feb/23/pressure-to-procreate-inside-hungarys-baby-drive-video">Continue reading...</a> Hungary Women Parents and parenting Tue, 23 Feb 2021 12:22:38 GMT /news/video/2021/feb/23/pressure-to-procreate-inside-hungarys-baby-drive-video Photograph: The Hunturdeals Photograph: The Hunturdeals Leah Green, Ekaterina Ochagavia, Noémi Varga, Katie Lamborn and Charlie Phillips 2021-02-23T12:22:38Z My Brother’s Keeper: a former Guantánamo detainee's unlikely friendship with his guard /world/ng-interactive/2021/feb/23/my-brothers-keeper-a-former-guantanamo-detainee-his-guard-and-their-unlikely-friendship <p><strong>Mohamedou Ould Salahi </strong>and one of his former guards, Steve Wood, reunite in Mauritania 13 years after last seeing each other, rekindling an unlikely relationship that profoundly changed their lives.</p><p>Mohamedou was a prisoner at Guantánamo Bay for 14 years. During his incarceration he was subjected to torture and solitary confinement, but never charged with a crime. His memoir, <a href="/books/2015/feb/13/guantanamo-diary-mohamedou-ould-slahi-review-global-war-terror-witness">Guantánamo Diary</a>, became an international bestseller and was adapted into the film, <a href="/film/2021/jan/03/guantanamo-prisoner-the-mauritanian-mohamedou-ould-slahi">The Mauritanian</a>, starring Tahar Rahim and Jodie Foster.</p><p>My Brother’s Keeper is BAFTA longlisted for British Short Film 2021.<br></p><p><a href="/world/2015/jan/16/-sp-guantanamo-diary-flight-saw-cockpit-saw-guards-saw-ghosts-of-fellow-detainees">Read exclusive extracts</a> and <a href="/books/audio/2015/jan/24/guantanamo-diary-benedict-cumberbatch-podcast">listen to audio readings</a> from Mohamedou’s book on the Hunturdeals.</p> <a href="/world/ng-interactive/2021/feb/23/my-brothers-keeper-a-former-guantanamo-detainee-his-guard-and-their-unlikely-friendship">Continue reading...</a> Guantánamo Diary Guantánamo Bay US military Mauritania US news Documentary films World news Tue, 23 Feb 2021 10:00:26 GMT /world/ng-interactive/2021/feb/23/my-brothers-keeper-a-former-guantanamo-detainee-his-guard-and-their-unlikely-friendship Photograph: Laurence Topham/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Laurence Topham/The Hunturdeals Laurence Topham, Lindsay Poulton, Tom Silverstone, Charlie Phillips and Mustafa Khalili 2021-02-23T10:00:26Z How heat is radically altering Americans' lives before they're even born – video /us-news/video/2021/feb/16/degrees-of-racism-how-heat-is-radically-altering-americans-lives-before-theyre-even-born-video <p>Even before a child is born in the US, their race plays a huge part in how they'll experience heat and pollution.&nbsp;</p><p>It starts with America's history of racist housing policies that segregated families of color into undesirable neighborhoods – and we can actually see the effects of those policies today: lots of pavement, little green space, and ultimately more heat. Meanwhile, in areas where white families live, the neighborhoods tend to have a lot more trees and shade, which leads to less heat. And as the climate warms, it's black families who are most likely to be stuck in extremely hot areas.</p><p>Recent research is showing us that this isn't just about being uncomfortable. Heat has an effect on everything – from pregnancies to our long-term health to our ability to learn.</p><p>As part of our environmental justice series, the Hunturdeals's Alvin Chang and Oliver Milman explain how the climate crisis and race have become inextricably linked in the US</p> <a href="/us-news/video/2021/feb/16/degrees-of-racism-how-heat-is-radically-altering-americans-lives-before-theyre-even-born-video">Continue reading...</a> Race Climate change Environment US news Health Tue, 16 Feb 2021 08:01:54 GMT /us-news/video/2021/feb/16/degrees-of-racism-how-heat-is-radically-altering-americans-lives-before-theyre-even-born-video Photograph: Hunturdeals Design Photograph: Hunturdeals Design Alvin Chang and Oliver Milman 2021-02-16T08:01:54Z Why Myanmar protesters see Aung San Suu Kyi as their greatest hope – video explainer /world/video/2021/feb/12/why-myanmar-protesters-see-aung-san-suu-kyi-greatest-hope-video-explainer <p>Hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting across Myanmar since the army overthrew the civilian government led by Aung San Suu Kyi and detained most senior leaders on 1 February.&nbsp;</p><p>Aung San Suu Kyi’s rise to power prompted hope she could end years of ethnic strife in Myanmar, but she has been accused of standing by while genocide was committed against the Rohingya people. The Hunturdeals's south Asia correspondent, Hannah Ellis-Petersen, explains why – despite her fall from grace internationally – Aung San Suu Kyi is seen by so many protesters as the only person who can still save them from military rule</p><ul><li><a href="/world/2021/feb/02/myanmar-coup-who-are-the-military-figures-running-the-country">Myanmar coup: who are the military figures running the country?</a><br></li><li><a href="/world/2018/nov/23/aung-san-suu-kyi-fall-from-grace-myanmar">From peace icon to pariah: Aung San Suu Kyi's fall from grace</a></li></ul> <a href="/world/video/2021/feb/12/why-myanmar-protesters-see-aung-san-suu-kyi-greatest-hope-video-explainer">Continue reading...</a> Aung San Suu Kyi Myanmar coup Myanmar South and Central Asia World news Protest Fri, 12 Feb 2021 18:57:49 GMT /world/video/2021/feb/12/why-myanmar-protesters-see-aung-san-suu-kyi-greatest-hope-video-explainer Photograph: THE GUARDIAN Photograph: THE GUARDIAN Hannah Ellis-Petersen, Jamie Macwhirter and Nikhita Chulani 2021-02-12T18:57:49Z Coronavirus variants: what you need to know – video explainer /world/video/2021/feb/02/coronavirus-variants-what-you-need-to-know-video-explainer <p>Last year, <a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">Covid-19</a>&nbsp;spread around the world, sending millions of people into lockdown as health services struggled to cope. The surge in new variants of the virus&nbsp; has prompted fresh questions and concerns. The Hunturdeals's health editor, Sarah Boseley, explains what we now know about the Covid-19 variants and what they could mean for the future of the pandemic</p><ul><li><a href="/science/audio/2021/jan/14/covid-19-how-and-why-is-the-virus-mutating">Science weekly podcast: how and why is the virus mutating?</a></li></ul> <a href="/world/video/2021/feb/02/coronavirus-variants-what-you-need-to-know-video-explainer">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus Infectious diseases Vaccines and immunisation Society Health World news Tue, 02 Feb 2021 14:41:53 GMT /world/video/2021/feb/02/coronavirus-variants-what-you-need-to-know-video-explainer Photograph: Alamy Photograph: Alamy Sarah Boseley, Elena Morresi and Katie Lamborn 2021-02-02T14:41:53Z Johnny Briggs obituary /tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/johnny-briggs-obituary Stage and screen actor best known for playing Mike Baldwin in ITV’s Coronation Street<p>The actor Johnny Briggs, who has died aged 85, was cast as the flash cockney Mike Baldwin in Coronation Street in 1976 to boost audience figures for the northern soap opera in the south of England. He ended up staying for 30 years.</p><p>Mike arrived with experience in the rag trade, opened a factory, Baldwin’s Casuals, where he was a tough boss with no time for unions – and went to bed with Bet Lynch, the Rovers Return barmaid.</p> <a href="/tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/johnny-briggs-obituary">Continue reading...</a> Coronation Street Soap opera Television London Manchester Film Theatre Stage Carry On films Sun, 28 Feb 2021 13:16:10 GMT /tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/johnny-briggs-obituary Photograph: ITV/REX/Shutterstock Photograph: ITV/REX/Shutterstock Anthony Hayward 2021-02-28T13:16:10Z Brexiters buy KGB artefacts for ‘museum of communist terror’ /culture/2021/feb/28/brexiters-buy-kgb-artefacts-for-museum-of-communist-terror <p>Portrait of Lenin and spy tools among items snapped up at auction by group planning UK exhibition</p><p>It depicts the Russian revolutionary leader in characteristically serious mood, staring across Red Square, perhaps, and rendered with more than a touch of kitsch.</p><p>But while a Soviet-era oil painting of Vladimir Lenin, which sold for nearly $2,000 at auction in the US, might capture the man as many know him, its buyers are not exactly Bolsheviks.</p> <a href="/culture/2021/feb/28/brexiters-buy-kgb-artefacts-for-museum-of-communist-terror">Continue reading...</a> Museums Communism Vladimir Lenin Culture Art Art and design Brexit Politics US news Russia UK news World news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 12:16:27 GMT /culture/2021/feb/28/brexiters-buy-kgb-artefacts-for-museum-of-communist-terror Photograph: Étienne Laurent/EPA Photograph: Étienne Laurent/EPA Ben Quinn 2021-02-28T12:16:27Z 'No parent can send their child off to die' – Peter Moffat on his searing new thriller /tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/parent-child-die-bryan-cranston-peter-moffat-thriller-your-honor <p>In Your Honor, Bryan Cranston plays a judge trying to cover up his son’s crime. Its writer thought he was unshockable – until he went to America to research its justice system</p><p>What would you do if your child killed someone in a hit and run? “The answer,” says Peter Moffat, “is fairly obvious. You have to take your child to the police station.” But what if it turns out the victim was the son of the biggest mob boss in New Orleans? “You turn around,” says Moffat. “You can’t send them off into probable death. That’s not something any parent can do.”</p><p>This conundrum forms the centre of Moffat’s new drama, Your Honor, a remake of the hit Israeli show Kvodo. In it, Breaking Bad star <a href="/tv-and-radio/bryan-cranston">Bryan Cranston</a> plays another father bending the rules for the benefit of his family – this time Judge Michael Desiato, who is forced to confront the consequences of protecting his own son from the justice system he upholds. As he scrambles to cover up the crime, using his legal connections at every turn, Desiato sucks others into the case – and is forced to face the damage his own desperation has caused. Desiato, says Moffat, “knows how the system functions, how he can manoeuvre it to his advantage. It just felt great to write.”</p> <a href="/tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/parent-child-die-bryan-cranston-peter-moffat-thriller-your-honor">Continue reading...</a> Television Peter Moffat US justice system TV crime drama Bryan Cranston Culture US television Television & radio Drama Sun, 28 Feb 2021 15:00:16 GMT /tv-and-radio/2021/feb/28/parent-child-die-bryan-cranston-peter-moffat-thriller-your-honor Photograph: Showtime/Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME Photograph: Showtime/Skip Bolen/SHOWTIME Toby Moses 2021-02-28T15:00:16Z Lakeith Stanfield: ‘I don’t hold anything back’ /film/2021/feb/28/lakeith-stanfield-i-dont-hold-anything-back <p>Imagination, energy and a surrealist streak have made Lakeith Stanfield one of Hollywood’s most unusual – and sought-after – stars. Here, he talks about his toughest role yet</p><p>To spread the word about his anarchic, brilliantly batshit 2018 comedy <em><a href="/film/2018/dec/06/sorry-to-bother-you-review-boots-riley-lakeith-stanfield-tessa-thompson" title="">Sorry to Bother You</a></em>, the actor Lakeith Stanfield adopted an anarchic, brilliantly batshit strategy. He went to one of his favourite stores, Iguana Vintage Clothing, in Los Angeles, and cleared out every wig they had. Then he drove around cinemas in Hollywood, bought tickets for the film, stashed them inside the wigs, and hid them outside the cinemas.</p><p>“Then people engaged in it, on a wild goose hunt,” explains Stanfield, his voice deep and languid. “There’s a lost art in being able to have fun with a film in the release. But it was a film that I thought was fun, right? So I wanted to have fun, and I wanted people to engage in that fun with me. Also I loved the movie so much, I wanted people to see it for free.”</p> <a href="/film/2021/feb/28/lakeith-stanfield-i-dont-hold-anything-back">Continue reading...</a> Lakeith Stanfield Film Sorry to Bother You Atlanta Get Out Ahmaud Arbery Culture Television & radio Sun, 28 Feb 2021 08:00:09 GMT /film/2021/feb/28/lakeith-stanfield-i-dont-hold-anything-back Photograph: Micaiah Carter/AUGUST Photograph: Micaiah Carter/AUGUST Tim Lewis 2021-02-28T08:00:09Z Gossip, sex and social climbing: the uncensored Chips Channon diaries /books/2021/feb/28/gossip-sex-and-social-climbing-the-uncensored-chips-channon-diaries <p>Sir Henry ‘Chips’ Channon’s diaries caused a stir in 1967. Now edited by Simon Heffer and published unredacted, they reveal even more juicy detail about British high society between the 1920s and 50s</p><p>When the diaries of an obscure politician called Sir Henry “Chips” Channon were first published in 1967, they caused a sensation, and not only among those whose names appeared in their index (“vile &amp; spiteful &amp; silly,” announced the novelist <a href="/news/2014/oct/17/looking-back-the-mitford-sisterslooking-back-the-mitford-sisters">Nancy Mitford</a>, speaking for the walking wounded). Channon, an upstart Chicagoan who’d unaccountably managed to marry the daughter of an exceedingly rich Anglo-Irish Earl, moved in vertiginously high circles. As a friend of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, he had enjoyed a ringside seat during the abdication crisis; as the Conservative MP for Southend he had looked on with fawning admiration as Neville Chamberlain negotiated with Hitler, and abject horror as Winston Churchill succeeded him as prime minister (Channon was in favour of appeasement). Most eye-popping of all, during a visit to Berlin for the Olympics in 1936, he and various other of his smart English friends had partied wildly with leading Nazis, among them Hermann Göring, whose floodlit garden had been made over to look like a cross between a Coney Island funfair and the <a href="">Petit Trianon</a> in Versailles – a theatrical coup that seemingly drove both Joseph Goebbels and Joachim von Ribbentrop half mad with jealousy.</p><p>But dripping with juice as these diaries were – Channon’s chief virtue as a writer is his abiding awareness that dullness is the worst sin of all, and for this reason they’re among the most glittering and enjoyable ever written – they were also incomplete. When Channon died in 1958, aged 61, his son Paul (later a transport secretary in Thatcher’s government) green-lit their publication. But they would need, it was agreed, to be heavily redacted. Quite apart from his father’s sexuality – among Channon’s male (and often married) lovers were the playwright <a href="">Terence Rattigan</a> and, almost certainly, Prince Paul of Yugoslavia – pretty much everyone named in the book was still alive. As Chips’s ex-wife, Honor, said at the time: “Some of the catty remarks (which fascinate) MUST be cut.” She was especially worried what Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother might think. When the book did appear, then, it was as a single, slim volume: enough words to fill a Penguin paperback, the edition I owned.</p> <a href="/books/2021/feb/28/gossip-sex-and-social-climbing-the-uncensored-chips-channon-diaries">Continue reading...</a> Books Politics books Autobiography and memoir Culture Queen Mother Nancy Mitford Monarchy Sun, 28 Feb 2021 08:00:08 GMT /books/2021/feb/28/gossip-sex-and-social-climbing-the-uncensored-chips-channon-diaries Photograph: © Trustees of the literary estate of Henry ‘Chips’ Channon. Photograph: © Trustees of the literary estate of Henry ‘Chips’ Channon. Rachel Cooke 2021-02-28T08:00:08Z Drawing comfort: the sketchbooks that got Chris Riddell through 2020 /books/2021/feb/28/drawing-comfort-the-sketchbooks-that-got-chris-riddell-through-2020 <p>For the Observer’s cartoonist, keeping a daily pictorial record of events was the only way to make sense of last year. He tells how a new book was the result</p><p>On 13 December 2019 I woke up and reached out for the “on” button of my bedside radio. I lay back and listened to the familiar voices of Radio 4’s <em>Today</em> programme tell me the results of the general election. As the interviews and analysis washed over me, I felt that mixture of emotions that had become all too familiar. Anger, sorrow, disbelief and helplessness. It was how I had felt when Nick Clegg became David Cameron’s useful idiot, when Boris Johnson and Michael Gove stood at the podium dumbfounded by their Brexit victory and when Donald Trump’s tiny hands grasped the reins of power and he became the leader of the free world. Now a bumbling buffoon had won a working majority and was going to “Get Brexit done”.</p><p>As I shouted at the radio, I noticed the sketchbook next to it. I love drawing in sketchbooks. I have hundreds of them all over my house and studio in various stages of completion. My advice to all aspiring illustrators is to keep a sketchbook and draw in it every day. For two years, during my time as the children’s laureate, I drew a daily sketch charting my travels and posted the pages on social media. I found it therapeutic and cathartic in equal measure. Now, as the country woke up to the prospect of five years of Tory government, I stifled my shouts and reached for my sketchbook. I drew a troll in a nappy holding a spiked club and felt momentarily better.</p> <a href="/books/2021/feb/28/drawing-comfort-the-sketchbooks-that-got-chris-riddell-through-2020">Continue reading...</a> Politics books Politics Books Coronavirus Culture Comics and graphic novels UK news Conservatives Donald Trump Illustration Art and design Design Sun, 28 Feb 2021 08:15:08 GMT /books/2021/feb/28/drawing-comfort-the-sketchbooks-that-got-chris-riddell-through-2020 Photograph: Chris Riddell Photograph: Chris Riddell Chris Riddell 2021-02-28T08:15:08Z Can you tell wine wisdom from a corky pie? Find out in the great grape quiz /the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/can-you-tell-wine-wisdom-from-a-corky-pie-find-out-in-the-great-grape-quiz <p>Wine pro or some way to go? Let’s see, as TV wine expert Aidy Smith, co-host of The Three Drinkers, pops the cork on some long-standing myths</p><p class="question__text">What is the proper term for a wine that doesn’t taste as it should?</p><p class="answer__text">Corked </p><p class="answer__text">TCA exposed </p><p class="answer__text">Cooked</p><p class="answer__text">Any of the above</p><p class="question__text">Which wine should be paired with steak? </p><p class="answer__text">Red wine </p><p class="answer__text">White wine</p><p class="answer__text">Champagne</p><p class="answer__text">All of the above could work</p><p class="question__text">The older the red wine, the better the taste. True or false?</p><p class="answer__text">True </p><p class="answer__text">No idea, I’ve never waited to find out</p><p class="answer__text">False</p><p class="answer__text">Until its use-by date, yes</p><p class="question__text">When a bottle has a big dimple at the bottom it means</p><p class="answer__text">The wine is only made from one grape variety </p><p class="answer__text">The wine is of superior quality</p><p class="answer__text">The wine is from a warm climate</p><p class="answer__text">None of the above</p><p class="question__text">Red wines are best served warm. True or false?</p><p class="answer__text">True</p><p class="answer__text">False</p><p class="answer__text">True in the northern hemisphere</p><p class="answer__text">True in the southern hemisphere</p><p class="question__text">Primitivo is the same grape variety as:</p><p class="answer__text">Syrah</p><p class="answer__text">Zinfandel</p><p class="answer__text">Viognier</p><p class="answer__text">Merlot</p><p class="question__text">Which kinds of wines can you decant?</p><p class="answer__text">White</p><p class="answer__text">Red</p><p class="answer__text">Sparkling</p><p class="answer__text">All of the above</p><p class="question__text"> Screw caps are not as good as corks, right?</p><p class="answer__text">True, corks are better </p><p class="answer__text">Untrue, screw caps are superior</p><p class="answer__text">False, neither is a mark of quality</p><p class="answer__text">Bag wine is best, actually</p><p class="question__text">The “legs” on a wine glass are an indicator of …</p><p class="answer__text">A fine wine </p><p class="answer__text">Nothing</p><p class="answer__text">Tannins</p><p class="answer__text">Alcohol or sugar content</p><p class="question__text">A great trick to heat up your red wine quickly is to place it on a hot radiator. True or false?</p><p class="answer__text">True, I like a toasty red</p><p class="answer__text">True, but a microwave works better</p><p class="answer__text">False</p><p class="answer__text">Radiators? I’ve got underfloor heating</p><p class="score__min-score">8 and above.</p><p class="score__title">Veritable vino pro! – you’ve conquered this wine quiz, something tells me this isn’t your first vino rodeo. Congratulations, now how to celebrate? Oh yes, wine.</p><p class="score__min-score">4 and above.</p><p class="score__title">Grape-vine climber – well done, you’ve managed to get a decent amount right, so you should be proud of yourself. Now go celebrate by pouring a glass.</p><p class="score__min-score">0 and above.</p><p class="score__title">Grape expectations – you may be at the beginning of your wine knowledge journey, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Just keep drinking what you enjoy and the know-how will come.</p><p><em>From familiar favourites and brilliant brands, to exceptional wines created with the Finest winemakers – there’s the perfect pairing for every food, mood, reason and season at Tesco. <a href=";dc_trk_aid=489385507;dc_trk_cid=146280546;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;tfua=;gdpr=$%7BGDPR%7D;gdpr_consent=$%7BGDPR_CONSENT_755%7D;ltd=" rel="nofollow">Explore the range at</a></em></p> <a href="/the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/can-you-tell-wine-wisdom-from-a-corky-pie-find-out-in-the-great-grape-quiz">Continue reading...</a> The wine guide Tue, 23 Feb 2021 17:25:20 GMT /the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/can-you-tell-wine-wisdom-from-a-corky-pie-find-out-in-the-great-grape-quiz Photograph: Alberto Bogo/Stocksy United Photograph: Alberto Bogo/Stocksy United Aidy Smith 2021-02-23T17:25:20Z Red with meat, white with fish and eight other wine myths /the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/red-with-meat-white-with-fish-and-eight-other-wine-myths <p>Whether it’s teaspoons in bubbly, swagger about legs or letting reds breathe, the wine world is awash with myths that do next to nothing to enhance our experience – time to put a cork in them</p><p><strong>1 Cork trumps screwtop <br></strong>The notion that a bottle of wine must have a cork to be decent quality is nonsense. Some of the finest wines you can find in New Zealand or Australia have screw caps, and the rest of the world is taking notice. Experts are still learning about wine’s ageing potential under screw cap, but metal closures can certainly be more reliable and convenient.</p><p><strong>2 The heavier the bottle, the better its insides<br></strong>Likewise, heavier bottles are no indicator of better wine: they just mean that the producer spent more on the glass, which isn’t great for the planet. The size of the indentation at the bottom of the bottle, the punt, is also irrelevant: it’s to do with the producer’s choice rather than a wine’s quality.</p> <a href="/the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/red-with-meat-white-with-fish-and-eight-other-wine-myths">Continue reading...</a> The wine guide Tue, 23 Feb 2021 17:27:16 GMT /the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/red-with-meat-white-with-fish-and-eight-other-wine-myths Photograph: Ina Peters/Stocksy United Photograph: Ina Peters/Stocksy United David Kermode 2021-02-23T17:27:16Z A wine romance: how to taste wine – and what to eat with it /the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/a-wine-romance-how-to-taste-wine-and-what-to-eat-with-it <p>Adding sight and smell to taste can do wonders for your wine-drinking experience. Learn to sniff and swirl like a pro with our step-by-step guide to tasting wine, talking about it and pairing it up with food</p><p>It’s easy to see why wine connoisseurs can be figures of fun: the swirling, the sniffing, the sucking and swilling, and after all that, they spit it out! What’s that all about?</p><p>Ultimately, it’s all part of getting as much flavour, enjoyment and information out of the wine as possible – which doesn’t seem quite so<em> </em>bizarre. After all, says Graham Nash, wine product developer at Tesco: “The important thing to understand when tasting and drinking wine is that it’s for enjoyment.” And you can elevate that enjoyment with a few expert tips. So, glass at the ready and bottle in hand, let’s get tasting.</p> <a href="/the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/a-wine-romance-how-to-taste-wine-and-what-to-eat-with-it">Continue reading...</a> The wine guide Tue, 23 Feb 2021 15:37:59 GMT /the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/a-wine-romance-how-to-taste-wine-and-what-to-eat-with-it Photograph: Fenea Silviu/Shutterstock Photograph: Fenea Silviu/Shutterstock Henry Jeffreys 2021-02-23T15:37:59Z Message in a bottle: an easy six-step guide to reading wine labels /the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/message-in-a-bottle-an-easy-six-step-guide-to-reading-wine-labels <p>When it comes to wine, you absolutely can judge a bottle by its cover. From awards and appellations to tasting notes, here’s how the label can help you find the wine you want</p><p>The thrill of a stacked wine section takes some beating: glowing rows of white, red, rosé and sparkling, a whole world just waiting to be explored. The only problem is deciding which direction you want to take. Which wine will best suit your tastes?</p><p>Once, figuring this out would have been next to impossible for those who didn’t know the language, so much remained a mystery: the difference between <a href="" rel="nofollow">rioja</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow">ribera del duero</a>, for instance, or the grape varieties you’d find in a given <a href="" rel="nofollow">bordeaux blend</a>.</p> <a href="/the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/message-in-a-bottle-an-easy-six-step-guide-to-reading-wine-labels">Continue reading...</a> The wine guide Tue, 23 Feb 2021 15:36:45 GMT /the-wine-club/2021/feb/23/message-in-a-bottle-an-easy-six-step-guide-to-reading-wine-labels Photograph: Victor Torres/Stocksy United Photograph: Victor Torres/Stocksy United Nina Caplan 2021-02-23T15:36:45Z Pyjama suits are next big thing as formal wear is hit under Covid /fashion/2021/feb/28/pyjama-suits-are-next-big-thing-as-formal-wear-is-hit-under-covid <p>Two Japanese firms have created working from home pyjamas to adapt to workers’ needs</p><ul><li><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></li><li><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></li></ul><p>First there were smart “use once” tops worn only for virtual work meetings and whipped off thereafter – otherwise known as the<a href="/business/2020/jul/20/the-zoom-shirt-how-the-pandemic-changed-work-dress-codes"> “Zoom shirt</a>”. Now, courtesy of two Japanese companies, comes the latest hybrid of the suit and loungewear: the WFH pyjama suit.</p><p>Working from home has rubbished the idea of formal dress codes. As sales of suits <a href="/business/2020/aug/04/us-suit-retailer-files-for-bankruptcy-as-joggers-and-polo-shirts-take-over">have suffered</a> (online searches are down 34%) and consumers pivot to<a href="/fashion/2020/oct/14/crocs-bounce-back-as-comfy-becomes-new-norm"> Crocs</a> and <a href="/fashion/2020/apr/25/no-sweat-how-tracksuit-bottoms-became-the-height-of-lockdown-fashion">tracksuit bottoms</a> (searches for “sweatpants” are up by 108%, according to <a href=""></a>), workers and companies have tried to adapt to our changing work/life balance with awkward results.</p> <a href="/fashion/2021/feb/28/pyjama-suits-are-next-big-thing-as-formal-wear-is-hit-under-covid">Continue reading...</a> Fashion Working from home Japan Zoom Business Retail industry World news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 16:44:18 GMT /fashion/2021/feb/28/pyjama-suits-are-next-big-thing-as-formal-wear-is-hit-under-covid Photograph: PR Image/Whatever Inc Photograph: PR Image/Whatever Inc Priya Elan 2021-02-28T16:44:18Z Fergus Henderson’s ‘whole animal’ recipes inspired chefs on both sides of the Atlantic /food/2021/feb/28/jay-rayner-on-restaurants-fergus-hendersons-inspirational-whole-animal-eating <p>From a white-walled restaurant in Clerkenwell, his roast bone marrow dish has gone on to conquer the world</p><p>It is November 2009 and I’m in a new restaurant on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles called Animal. I have been in the city for three weeks, serving as a judge on a TV food contest, all British piss and vinegar to the familiar American gush, and I’m missing my family terribly. No matter, for here on the menu is roast bone marrow with parsley salad, the dish made famous by the chef <a href="/food/fergus-henderson" title="">Fergus Henderson</a> at his Clerkenwell restaurant <a href="/lifeandstyle/2014/aug/17/fergus-henderson-recipes-classic-st-john-20-years" title="">St John</a>. His guiding principle: “If you’re going to bang an animal on the head it’s only polite to eat it all.”</p><p>'If you’re going to bang an animal on the head it’s only polite to eat it all'</p> <a href="/food/2021/feb/28/jay-rayner-on-restaurants-fergus-hendersons-inspirational-whole-animal-eating">Continue reading...</a> Food Fergus Henderson Meat Restaurants Restaurants Life and style Travel Sun, 28 Feb 2021 06:00:07 GMT /food/2021/feb/28/jay-rayner-on-restaurants-fergus-hendersons-inspirational-whole-animal-eating Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Hunturdeals Jay Rayner 2021-02-28T06:00:07Z Readers reply: why do some places get dusty and others don’t? /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/readers-reply-why-do-some-places-get-dusty-and-others-dont <p>The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical concepts</p><p>Why do some places have dust and others not? Our house seems to need redusting days after a full deep clean, while a colleague told me she could leave her holiday home in Sweden for a year and come back to a spotless space. Is it the population density? Legacy of industrialisation? Car pollution?<br><em>James de Malplaquet</em></p><p><em>Send new questions to </em><strong><a href="mailto://"></a></strong><em>.</em></p> <a href="/lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/readers-reply-why-do-some-places-get-dusty-and-others-dont">Continue reading...</a> Life and style Sun, 28 Feb 2021 14:00:15 GMT /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/readers-reply-why-do-some-places-get-dusty-and-others-dont Photograph: Andreas Bohlender/EyeEm/Getty Images/EyeEm Premium Photograph: Andreas Bohlender/EyeEm/Getty Images/EyeEm Premium 2021-02-28T14:00:15Z Guilt and fury: how Covid brought mothers to breaking point /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/mums-women-coronavirus-covid-home-schooling-inequality <p><strong>The pandemic exposed gender inequality, shattering the fragile jigsaw of support that allowed women with children to work. Radical action is necessary to prevent women’s rights backsliding a generation</strong></p><p>“It is so hard, I cannot describe it.”</p><p>“I burned out, completely.”</p> <a href="/lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/mums-women-coronavirus-covid-home-schooling-inequality">Continue reading...</a> Parents and parenting Women Coronavirus Inequality Equal pay Family Home schooling Feminism Women's rights and gender equality Life and style Society Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:00:10 GMT /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/mums-women-coronavirus-covid-home-schooling-inequality Illustration: Jacquie Boyd/The Observer Illustration: Jacquie Boyd/The Observer Natasha Walter 2021-02-28T10:00:10Z My boyfriend spends all his time selling weed. Should I leave? | Dear Mariella /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/my-boyfriend-spends-all-his-time-selling-weed-should-i-leave-mariella-frostrup <p>Your relationship sounds unworkable and toxic, says Mariella Frostrup. Find someone you can confide in or get professional help</p><p><em><strong>The dilemma </strong></em>My boyfriend’s work ground to a halt as a result of the pandemic, and his weed-smoking habit has expanded within that void to become a lifestyle. He buys, sells and grows the stuff, meaning that he’s meeting strangers on a daily basis, often in our home.</p><p>My initial response was anger that he could so readily endanger my health for the sake of a habit I despise. Then I began to wonder if he was struggling mentally, so I tried to be more supportive. But it became clear he is just doing it for fun (I think he thrills at the criminal element). He comes from a wealthy family and my salary is ample to cover our bills if he falls short, so this isn’t a necessary earner.</p> <a href="/lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/my-boyfriend-spends-all-his-time-selling-weed-should-i-leave-mariella-frostrup">Continue reading...</a> Relationships Drugs Life and style Sun, 28 Feb 2021 06:00:05 GMT /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/my-boyfriend-spends-all-his-time-selling-weed-should-i-leave-mariella-frostrup Photograph: David Bebber/REUTERS Photograph: David Bebber/REUTERS Mariella Frostrup 2021-02-28T06:00:05Z A dream home that’s down to earth /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/a-dream-home-thats-down-to-earth <p>Natural colours and wooded views create a sense of calm in an Irish architect’s home</p><p>There were three reasons why architect Declan O’Donnell chose to build his family home where it is. The first two are prosaic. There was the size: a decent 205sqm. And location: a nifty 20-minute commute away from his practice in the centre of Dublin. The third was poetic. A screen of trees wraps around the wedge-shaped site like lofty green sentinels, adding an air of rural seclusion. Here, he thought, was a chance to start again to build his own <em>rus in urbe</em>.</p><p>O’Donnell and his wife, Judith Byrne, a marketing director for Dulux, reached this decision after a fruitless property trawl. “Secondhand” houses in need of rejuvenation had no appeal. “I’d walk in, size up the flaws and realise they didn’t make economic sense,” says O’Donnell, whose first job was with Foster + Partners in London. This plot of land, though, at the end of a companionable, postwar cul-de-sac, was a find. “There were definitely easier options,” he says, “but I knew I could make it work. You need to be a bit mad to build your own house. If you analysed every pitfall you’d never do it.”</p> <a href="/lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/a-dream-home-thats-down-to-earth">Continue reading...</a> Interiors Life and style Homes Sun, 28 Feb 2021 09:30:10 GMT /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/28/a-dream-home-thats-down-to-earth Photograph: Ruth Maria Murphy Photograph: Ruth Maria Murphy Serena Fokschaner 2021-02-28T09:30:10Z Care home visits in England: who will be your family's designated person? /world/2021/feb/23/care-home-visits-in-england-who-will-be-your-familys-designated-person <p>We would like to hear from families on how they feel about being able to visit their relatives in March</p><p><a href="/society/2021/feb/20/visits-to-uk-care-homes-to-be-allowed-as-lockdown-eases-says-matt-hancock">Indoor visits in care homes in England will be allowed</a> by one person per resident from 8 March. The designated person will be required to take a coronavirus test beforehand and wear personal protective equipment. The visitor will be able to hold the resident’s hand – though any other close contact will be discouraged.</p><p>We would like to hear from families on how they feel about being to able to visit their relative in a care home.</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/23/care-home-visits-in-england-who-will-be-your-familys-designated-person">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus Social care Older people Tue, 23 Feb 2021 11:21:12 GMT /world/2021/feb/23/care-home-visits-in-england-who-will-be-your-familys-designated-person Photograph: John Phillips/Getty Images for ABA Photograph: John Phillips/Getty Images for ABA Hunturdeals community team 2021-02-23T11:21:12Z Tell us: what’s the best advice your mum’s ever given you? /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/26/tell-us-whats-the-best-advice-your-mums-ever-given-you <p>Ahead of Mother’s Day, we want to know about the best tips, tricks and guidance your mum has passed on</p><p>Mums are often full of advice – from the practical to the preposterous – and so, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, we want to know what’s the best piece of advice your mum (or mother figure) has ever given to you?</p><p>Perhaps your mum has a golden rule for finding the perfect romantic partner? Maybe she’s given you useful advice about managing money, or getting ahead in your career? Or perhaps her advice came in the form of a rhyme or catchphrase which has stuck with you well into adulthood? Either way, we want to know about the best tips, tricks and guidance your mum has passed on.</p> <a href="/lifeandstyle/2021/feb/26/tell-us-whats-the-best-advice-your-mums-ever-given-you">Continue reading...</a> Mother's Day Life and style Fri, 26 Feb 2021 11:54:30 GMT /lifeandstyle/2021/feb/26/tell-us-whats-the-best-advice-your-mums-ever-given-you Photograph: Viacheslav Iakobchuk/Alamy Photograph: Viacheslav Iakobchuk/Alamy Hunturdeals community team 2021-02-26T11:54:30Z Young people in the UK: how has lockdown changed your approach to the future? /society/2021/feb/23/young-people-in-the-uk-how-has-lockdown-changed-your-approach-to-the-future <p>We’d like to speak to people who have changed their attitude to the future as a result of lockdowns, on issues such as employment and saving money</p><p>Lockdown has led to soaring rates of unemployment, and with that, decreasing job prospects for young people. For a generation that already faced record house prices, some young people have changed their approach to the future, from job choices to money management.</p><p>We’d like to speak to people aged 25 and under about how their attitude to the future has changed.</p> <a href="/society/2021/feb/23/young-people-in-the-uk-how-has-lockdown-changed-your-approach-to-the-future">Continue reading...</a> Society Money Tue, 23 Feb 2021 11:32:13 GMT /society/2021/feb/23/young-people-in-the-uk-how-has-lockdown-changed-your-approach-to-the-future Photograph: SARINYAPINNGAM/Getty Images/iStockphoto Photograph: SARINYAPINNGAM/Getty Images/iStockphoto Hunturdeals community team 2021-02-23T11:32:13Z Tell us: do you work as a fruit or vegetable grower in the UK? /politics/2021/feb/05/tell-us-do-you-work-in-the-uk-farming-and-agriculture-sector <p>We would like to hear from those working in the UK farming and agriculture sector about the issues facing the industry post-Brexit</p><p>The Hunturdeals is interested in hearing from those who work across the UK farming and agriculture industry, especial fruit or vegetable growers, about how livelihoods will be affected post-Brexit. We’d like to understand more about any problems that you may be facing as well as potential upsides.</p> <a href="/politics/2021/feb/05/tell-us-do-you-work-in-the-uk-farming-and-agriculture-sector">Continue reading...</a> Brexit Farming Environment European Union Mon, 22 Feb 2021 14:29:01 GMT /politics/2021/feb/05/tell-us-do-you-work-in-the-uk-farming-and-agriculture-sector Photograph: Andrew Aitchison/Corbis via Getty Images Photograph: Andrew Aitchison/Corbis via Getty Images Hunturdeals community team 2021-02-22T14:29:01Z ‘I’ve had my vaccine - how well will it protect me and for how long?’ /world/2021/feb/27/ive-had-my-vaccine-how-well-will-it-protect-me-and-for-how-long <p>The latest answers to the important medical questions about the vaccines and the pandemic</p><ul><li><strong><a href="/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest">Coronavirus – latest updates</a></strong></li><li><strong><a href="/world/coronavirus-outbreak">See all our coronavirus coverage</a></strong></li></ul><p>The prospects of vaccines failing to trigger immune responses are dismissed as remote by scientists. “If a vaccine has not been properly refrigerated that might pose problems but doctors take great care to ensure that doesn’t happen,” said Prof Helen Fletcher at the London School of Hygiene &amp; Tropical Medicine. “Frankly the only other way to get a failed reaction is for the doctor to miss your arm – which isn’t likely.”</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/27/ive-had-my-vaccine-how-well-will-it-protect-me-and-for-how-long">Continue reading...</a> Coronavirus Infectious diseases Medical research Science Vaccines and immunisation UK news Sat, 27 Feb 2021 21:06:07 GMT /world/2021/feb/27/ive-had-my-vaccine-how-well-will-it-protect-me-and-for-how-long Photograph: Brain light/Alamy Photograph: Brain light/Alamy Robin McKie 2021-02-27T21:06:07Z Taking on the tech giants: the lawyer fighting the power of algorithmic systems /media/2021/feb/28/taking-on-the-tech-giants-whether-its-the-cia-or-facebook-cori-crider-likes-a-fight <p>Whether it’s the CIA or Facebook, lawyer and activist Cori Crider is never one to shy away from a fight</p><p>In July 2019, Cori Crider, a lawyer, investigator and activist, was introduced to a former Facebook employee whose work monitoring graphic content on the world’s largest social media platform had left deep psychological scars. As the moderator described the fallout of spending each day watching gruesome footage, Crider was first struck by the depth of their pain, and then by a creeping sense of recognition.</p><p>After a 15-year career defending detainees of Guantanamo Bay, Crider had learned the hallmarks of post-traumatic stress disorder. But unlike Crider’s previous clients, the moderator had not been tortured, extradited or detained. They had simply watched videos to decide if they were appropriate for public consumption.</p> <a href="/media/2021/feb/28/taking-on-the-tech-giants-whether-its-the-cia-or-facebook-cori-crider-likes-a-fight">Continue reading...</a> Social networking Media Technology Facebook MI5 CIA MI6 UK security and counter-terrorism Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:00:10 GMT /media/2021/feb/28/taking-on-the-tech-giants-whether-its-the-cia-or-facebook-cori-crider-likes-a-fight Photograph: Suki Dhanda/The Observer Photograph: Suki Dhanda/The Observer Ed Siddons 2021-02-28T10:00:10Z New haircuts, old ideology: film warns of shifting far-right strategy in Europe /world/2021/feb/28/new-haircuts-old-ideology-film-warns-of-shifting-far-right-strategy-in-europe <p>They’ve ditched the shaven heads but, despite recent setbacks, they remain a threat, says film-maker Christian Schwochow</p><p>Inside a university auditorium in Prague, a young man in a crisp black shirt and white trainers is railing against the pro-immigration politicians he holds responsible for a recent Islamist terror attack in Berlin. To build a safer Europe, he yells, “we have to get rid of those responsible for these murderous policies”.</p><p>A woman in the crowd voices her support with a shout of “Sieg heil!”, but he is quick to shut her down: “That was yesterday.” Like-minded movements of the future will succeed by remaining outwardly respectable: “We can protect the foundations of Europe by occupying them,” he proclaims, his blue eyes sparkling, “by becoming economists, teachers, judges.”</p> <a href="/world/2021/feb/28/new-haircuts-old-ideology-film-warns-of-shifting-far-right-strategy-in-europe">Continue reading...</a> The far right Film Antisemitism Islamophobia Migration Germany Austria France Sun, 28 Feb 2021 08:00:08 GMT /world/2021/feb/28/new-haircuts-old-ideology-film-warns-of-shifting-far-right-strategy-in-europe Photograph: ©2019 TOM TRAMBOW Photograph: ©2019 TOM TRAMBOW Philip Oltermann in Berlin 2021-02-28T08:00:08Z 'It's a toxic blend': where the kids are warned not to swallow the bath water /us-news/2021/feb/28/california-east-orosi-toxic-america-water <p>Predominantly Latino towns in California like East Orosi face huge obstacles getting clean drinking water </p><p>An invisible line splits the rural road of Avenue 416 in California’s Tulare county, at the point where the nut trees stretch east toward the towering Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance.</p><p>On one side of the line, residents have clean water. On the other side, they do not.</p> <a href="/us-news/2021/feb/28/california-east-orosi-toxic-america-water">Continue reading...</a> America's water crisis Environment US news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 11:00:11 GMT /us-news/2021/feb/28/california-east-orosi-toxic-america-water Photograph: Max Whittaker/The Hunturdeals Photograph: Max Whittaker/The Hunturdeals Vivian Ho in East Orosi, California 2021-02-28T11:00:11Z How Deb Haaland's confirmation bid became a 'proxy fight' over fossil fuels /us-news/2021/feb/28/deb-haaland-confirmation-interior-secretary-fossil-fuels-climate <p>Joe Biden’s progressive nominee for interior secretary faced harsh questions from lawmakers with deep industry ties</p><p>Partway through the sometimes contentious confirmation hearing for Deb Haaland as US secretary of the interior last week came an acknowledgement of the two powerful forces, with very different attitudes to the climate crisis, that have squared off over the nomination.</p><p>“I almost feel like your nomination is a proxy fight over the future of fossil fuels,” Maria Cantwell, a Democrat from Washington, told Haaland during the Senate hearing.</p> <a href="/us-news/2021/feb/28/deb-haaland-confirmation-interior-secretary-fossil-fuels-climate">Continue reading...</a> Deb Haaland Biden administration US news Environment Fossil fuels Climate change Energy Sun, 28 Feb 2021 10:00:11 GMT /us-news/2021/feb/28/deb-haaland-confirmation-interior-secretary-fossil-fuels-climate Photograph: Reuters Photograph: Reuters Oliver Milman and Nina Lakhani 2021-02-28T10:00:11Z ‘A mural that celebrates Black joy’: Oakland home honors women of the Black Panther party /us-news/2021/feb/28/oakland-mural-women-black-panther-party <p><strong>A two-story mural on the side of Jilchristina Vest’s house is dedicated to a piece of history that isn’t often told</strong></p><p>Jilchristina Vest always wanted people to look up to Black women. Now, thanks to a two-story mural on the side of her Oakland home, they literally do.</p><p>The <a href="">mural, dedicated</a> to the women of the Black Panther party, was unveiled earlier this month. Vest’s house sits at Center and 9th streets, in the heart of the West Oakland neighborhood where the Black Panther party began, once known as the Harlem of the west. The mural looks down on the corner where Huey Newton, one of the party’s founders, was killed.</p> <a href="/us-news/2021/feb/28/oakland-mural-women-black-panther-party">Continue reading...</a> Oakland Art California Race US news Sun, 28 Feb 2021 11:00:11 GMT /us-news/2021/feb/28/oakland-mural-women-black-panther-party Photograph: MediaNews Group/East Bay Times/Getty Images Photograph: MediaNews Group/East Bay Times/Getty Images Ayodele Nzinga in Oakland 2021-02-28T11:00:11Z Fierce fireworks and a huge snow moon: the weekend's best photos /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/28/fierce-fireworks-and-a-huge-snow-moon-the-weekends-best-photos <p>The Hunturdeals’s picture editors select photo highlights from around the world</p> <a href="/artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/28/fierce-fireworks-and-a-huge-snow-moon-the-weekends-best-photos">Continue reading...</a> Art and design Photography Culture Sun, 28 Feb 2021 15:12:32 GMT /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/28/fierce-fireworks-and-a-huge-snow-moon-the-weekends-best-photos Photograph: An Rong Xu/Getty Images Photograph: An Rong Xu/Getty Images Pejman Faratin 2021-02-28T15:12:32Z The big picture: a brush with greyness in 70s Russia /artanddesign/2021/feb/28/the-big-picture-a-brush-with-greyness-in-70s-russia <p>In 1974, Brian Griffin’s smuggled-out images of life in Moscow contrasted everyday vulnerability with the power of the state</p><p>In November 1974, <a href="">Brian Griffin</a> flew from Luton airport to Moscow on a three-night Thomson Holidays city break with his flatmates. Griffin, who had spent the first decade of his working life in factories in the Midlands, had not long graduated from Manchester Polytechnic as a photographer. An “ardent socialist” at the time, everything about Moscow both fascinated and troubled him. On the first morning of that trip a military parade passed the Intourist hotel where he was staying. Griffin squeezed through the barrier with his camera and joined the procession as it passed the Lenin mausoleum and the watching President Brezhnev. The parade was the last to feature nuclear missiles. “The whole atmosphere was painted with greyness,” Griffin recalls, in his new retrospective book, <em>Black Country Dada 1969-1990</em>. “It was inspiring.”</p><p>Over the following days, Griffin ducked out of the mandatory organised tours and wandered around Moscow, followed, he later realised, by KGB agents. He took this picture at the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, the 100m-high titanium sculpture that stands at the entrance to the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy. The image was made by the Muscovite trying to navigate his way down the rain-slicked base of the monument as if caught in the rocket’s backdraft – the defensive briefcase and crouch emphasising a sense that he is a man swept aside by fearful progress. Later in the trip Griffin was confronted by the agents who were tailing him, who demanded his camera and removed the film; the roll that contained this image was safely back at his hotel.</p> <a href="/artanddesign/2021/feb/28/the-big-picture-a-brush-with-greyness-in-70s-russia">Continue reading...</a> Photography Russia Art and design books Culture Sun, 28 Feb 2021 07:00:07 GMT /artanddesign/2021/feb/28/the-big-picture-a-brush-with-greyness-in-70s-russia Photograph: **BIG PICTURE USE THIS HIGH RES/Brian Griffin/Courtesy of FORMAT21 Photograph: **BIG PICTURE USE THIS HIGH RES/Brian Griffin/Courtesy of FORMAT21 Tim Adams 2021-02-28T07:00:07Z Original Observer photography /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/original-observer-photography <p>Philippa and Grayson Perry, Fran Lebowitz, Hastings fishermen and Laverne Cox – the best photography commissioned by the Observer in February 2021</p> <a href="/artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/original-observer-photography">Continue reading...</a> Photography Art and design Sat, 27 Feb 2021 11:30:57 GMT /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/original-observer-photography Photograph: Danielle Levitt/The Observer Photograph: Danielle Levitt/The Observer Josy Forsdike 2021-02-27T11:30:57Z The funeral of Captain Sir Tom Moore – in pictures /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/the-funeral-of-captain-sir-tom-moore-in-pictures <p>The second world war veteran and NHS fundraiser extraordinaire was laid to rest in his home town of Bedford</p><ul><li><a href="/artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/02/captain-sir-tom-moore-in-pictures">Captain Sir Tom Moore - in pictures</a></li></ul> <a href="/artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/the-funeral-of-captain-sir-tom-moore-in-pictures">Continue reading...</a> Photography UK news Coronavirus Art and design Sat, 27 Feb 2021 16:20:47 GMT /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/the-funeral-of-captain-sir-tom-moore-in-pictures Photograph: Joe Giddens/AFP/Getty Images Photograph: Joe Giddens/AFP/Getty Images 2021-02-27T16:20:47Z 20 photographs of the week /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/26/20-photographs-of-the-week <p>Protests in Spain and Myanmar, a swarm of locusts in Kenya, Mars seen from Nasa’s Perseverance rover and the enduring impact of Covid-19: the most striking images from around the world this week</p> <a href="/artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/26/20-photographs-of-the-week">Continue reading...</a> Photography Art and design Culture World news Coronavirus Mars Fri, 26 Feb 2021 22:00:07 GMT /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/26/20-photographs-of-the-week Photograph: Justin Mott/Mediadrumimages Photograph: Justin Mott/Mediadrumimages Jim Powell 2021-02-26T22:00:07Z Sweet treats: confectionery paintings – in pictures /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/sweet-treats-confectionery-paintings-in-pictures <p>Reed Wilson has a theory: that these days women start to paint when they are older, and carry on. Men hit their peak earlier and give up. She studied at Camberwell and Brighton in the 1980s, but it was considered ‘a bit lowbrow’ to paint still lifes, and she stopped. Until 18 months ago, when someone gave her some sweets. Watching light glint off their wrappers, she saw that each twist was slightly different, that these uniform objects had ‘their own little characters’ . Wilson also became fascinated by confectioners’ compulsion to turn sweets into cartoon creatures – prawns or snakes. <a href="">Her other paintings</a> – a ball of twine, an egg cup, a tea towel transfigured by light – make familiar objects look extraordinary and utterly themselves. Mostly acrylic on board, they are all small, and all marvels.</p> <a href="/artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/sweet-treats-confectionery-paintings-in-pictures">Continue reading...</a> Painting Food Art Art and design Culture Sat, 27 Feb 2021 17:00:30 GMT /artanddesign/gallery/2021/feb/27/sweet-treats-confectionery-paintings-in-pictures Photograph: Reed Wilson Photograph: Reed Wilson Susannah Clapp 2021-02-27T17:00:30Z