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Red Dead Online: Legendary Winyan Bison Location

We show you where to find the legendary Winyan Bison, and how it's best hunted after you find it.

A huge white behemoth waiting at the edges of Red Dead Online, the Winyan Bison is a massive legendary animal who can be hunted for money, experience and even more. We'll show you the legendary Winyan Bison's location here, as well as what you should do to hunt it.

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Legendary Winyan Bison Location in Red Dead Online

You can find the legendary Winyan Bison in Red Dead Online on the banks of Lake Isabella, on the far-West side of Ambarino. We specifically found it on the North-West bank, though it's entirely possible it could appear in other areas in this vicinity. Remember to check your map regularly for the telltale gold pawprint symbol, and don't be worried about weather or time of day - as far as we know, there's no limitations on the necessary weather to make it appear. If it still won't show up, check our guide here for some possible solutions.

You can find the Winyan Bison here, on the shores of Lake Isabella. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

How to Hunt the Winyan Bison

The Winyan Bison is usually found as one of a herd of larger bison, resting at the surface of the lake. It's very distinct, with pale fur that's close to white,while the other bison are brown. Once you see it, you'll have to be ready with your most powerful guns and a lot of ammo and Dead Eye (regardless of whether you sedate or kill it), as the Winyan Bison seems to have even more health than the regular kind, and the tricky terrain of the area means it can be possible to lose it. Not only that, but some of the other bison may charge you in panic. They're not too fast - you should be fine on a horse - but being on foot could risk you getting trampled. If you do plan on killing it, you should get a powerful weapon like the elephant gun to try and reduce the amount of shots as much as possible.

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Spare or Skin the Winyan Bison?

We suggest killing the bison the first time around for its pelt, though not before studying it and getting a picture on your Advanced Camera for the experience buff. The bison is too big to drag anyway, but you can skin it and take the pelt to Gus, whereupon he'll make it into a unique coat with a massive bovine head to rest on your own. Good stuff.

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