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Paper Mario The Origami King: Where to Find Bobby the Bob-Omb in Autumn Mountain

Bobby the Bob-Omb will become lost during your jaunt through Autumn Mountain. Here's where to find him.

On your way up to Autumn Mountain in Paper Mario The Origami King you'll meet a Bob-Omb named Bobby. After some convincing, he'll join you on your adventure, be warned though that he does have a tendency to wander off and get lost. He'll do just that as you enter the long grass in this area and you'll need to track him down in order to proceed. In this guide we'll point you in the right direction by showing you where to find Bobby the Bob-Omb in Autumn Mountain.

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Where to Find Bobby the Bob-Omb in Autumn Mountain for Paper Mario The Origami King

While walking through the tall grass in the Autumn Mountain area of Paper Mario The Origami King, Bobby the Bob-Omb will disappear. You'll need to find him, so first head to the small house shrine in the top corner of this area. Now, walk south until you reach a clearing, you'll find Bobby sat at a table with a guitar-playing Shy Guy. We've included an image below which will show you Bobby's exact location.

Here's where Bobby is hiding. | Jake Green/USG

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Where to Go After Finding Bobby the Bob-Omb

Once you've located Bobby you can make your way across the bridge and towards the water Vellumental Temple. For more on this area visit our collectibles guide.

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