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Paper Mario The Origami King: Staff Room Location

Here's where to find the Staff Room in Paper Mario The Origami King.

If you want to make it through Shogun Studios in Paper Mario The Origami King you'll need to find the staff room. This is where the key to the theater is located, so tracking it down is a real priority. Problem is, the staff room is pretty well hidden, luckily there are some helpful characters around Shogun Studios that will give you clues. To help you track down the staff room we've put together this guide on its exact location, so you can get the theater key and continue on your adventure.

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Where Is the Staff Room in Paper Mario The Origami King?

To find the staff room in Shogun Studios you'll need to head to the eastern part of the map. We've circled the exact area below, but it's basically to the right of the courtyard with the reed-breathing ninjas in it. You just need to hit the green wall here to gain access. For a full list of locations for the 135 collectibles in the game, head here.

Here's where to find the staff room | Jake Green/USG

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What Are the 3 Staff Room Masks Used For?

You'll find a few objects of interest in the staff room of Shogun Studios including three paper macho masks. These let Mario look like a goomba, Donkey Kong and Samus, with each offering a fun piece of dialogue. The goomba mask is actually used later on in the story a couple of times, while the other two have no other uses as far as we're aware.

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