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Paper Mario The Origami King: Full Great Sea Map With All Island Locations

The Great Sea can be a really tricky area to explore in The Origami King, so we put together a full map showing all of the island locations.

The Great Sea is the largest open area you'll explore while playing Paper Mario The Origami King. There are 11 islands to find, each with toads and collectibles hidden within. Problem is, naviagting the open waters can be a little tricky as it's easy to miss the islands given how tiny they are. To help you find all of the lost toad passengers we've put together a full Great Sea map with all island locations marked for your benefit.

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Great Sea Full Map With All Island Locations for Paper Mario The Origami King

There are 11 islands to explore in the Great Sea section of Paper Mario The Origami King. You'll need to visit all of them if you want to find all of the lost passengers of the princess Peach, and if you want to find all collectibles (for a full list of locations for the 135 collectibles in the game, head here). Check out the map below to see all island locations.

Here's a full map of the Great Sea. | Jake Green/USG
  1. Sea Tower
  2. Spade Island
  3. Club Island
  4. Diamond Island (more info on finding this here LINK)
  5. Full Moon Island
  6. Hammer Island
  7. Heart Island
  8. Mushroom Island
  9. Bonehead Island
  10. ? Island
  11. Scuffle Island

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How to Find All Lost Passengers of the Princess Peach Cruise Ship

The main reason to unlock all islands in the Great Sea is to find all of the toads. In this area, all toads you find are former passengers of the Princess Peach cruise ship. Finding all of them will earn you a new trophy. To find them all, just go island by island and use your Toad Radar and Alert system. They're all easy to find so keep an eye on your percentage completion in the map menu as you go.

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