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Here Are the 10 Best Easter Eggs in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Find callbacks to films old and new.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order refers to its source films all the time (the opening sequence on Bracca is littered with little visual signifiers to the prequels), but a love of the Star Wars films permeates throughout the whole game, particularly in numerous easter eggs and references. We're here to show you where and how to find them.

This guide contains spoilers for the plot of Fallen Order.

Film References

Mostly 'Armless

It's not a matter of if an arm is lost, it's a matter of when. | Respawn Entertainment/EA

Fighting the Ninth Sister at the peak of the Origin Tree is no picnic, but Cal manages to turn the tide of battle in his favour when he cuts off the Inquisitor's right hand in a moment of quick thinking. A lot of fans know this already, but every single film in the franchise features the loss of at least one arm. It's a strange, surreal little trend that was actually adopted by the Marvel films later on.

BD-1 Whistles While They Work

Sounds like BD-1 has a love of showtunes. | Respawn Entertainment/EA

BD-1 gains numerous abilities and upgrades over the course of the game, but one of the most useful is their capacity to hack other droids and turn them into allies. And while these hacks often take place during the chaos of combat, listen closely to the noise they make while he drills into their brain.

Yes, it's a little rendition of the Star Wars soundtrack! BD-1 actually knows a few of these tunes from the films, so keep your ears peeled each time they’re hacking into an enemy - you get a different one each time.

The Phantom Menace: I Have A Bad Feeling About This Obvious Boss Battle

Greez' Mantis was a lot better than this one. | starwars.com

Returning to Bogano to open the vault, Cal is about to grab the prized Holocron when we hear that squealing buzz of a lightsaber powering up, the Second Sister appearing behind him. Cal pauses before saying: "I had a bad feeling I'd see you here."

Again, this is dropping a pretty hard hint back to old Ben Kenobi, who couldn't get out of bed without having a bad feeling about it first. Seems Cal had one more force power than he realised.

Attack of the Clones: I Hate Flying

How's my flying? | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Though much of the game kicks off when Cal and his friend Prauf find a crashed Jedi Starfighter on Bracca, there's a same-era Clone starfighter in the crash site on Zeffo, which prompts a little bit of dialogue with Greez when you approach it. We never find out what brought it down belonged to, but it seems a shame you can't fix it up and take it for a spin. Why do so many modern sci-fi games never let you fly your spaceship properly?

Revenge of the Sith: Who Has the High Ground?

It worked for the Jedi, can it work for Stormtroopers? | starwars.com

While running around on Kashyyyk, Cal is briefly clambering around beneath a window through which you can overhear a pair of Stormtroopers talking about your approach. One of them seems worried, but the other assures him "at least we have the high ground." It's a throwaway comment, but clearly seems to be a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi's victory over Anakin in Revenge of the Sith. But while that high ground does help Obi-Wan take victory, here it doesn't do much good for the stormtroopers, who go down as easily as any other minion faced with an angry Jedi.

Revenge of the Sith: Venator? I Hardly Know Her!

The crashed Venator was once a Clone trooper attack ship, but now it's a little side quest. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

There's a point in the game where Greez makes reference to a crashed "Venator" ship on Zeffo, and how it might be worth exploring. You can see our guide to exploring it here, but more notably it's a spacecraft we've seen before, though they weren't named in the films. The large, triangular ships flown by the clone army in Revenge of the Sith are Venator ships, and would eventually evolve into the pointed Star Destroyers used by the Empire.

Revenge of the Sith: Return of the Tarfful

"GRAGLHLLAGHAGLHAGL!" | starwars.com

What, you thought this was the first time we've seen this particular wookiee? Tarfful was actually the Kashyyyk chieftain seen in Revenge of the Sith who says goodbye to Yoda along with Chewbacca. Here he's seen helping Saw Gerrera lead the rebel movement against the Empire, living in secret in the Shadowlands - because apparently giant acid-spitting spiders are preferable enemies to easily-dispatched stormtroopers.

The Force Awakens: That's No Moon…

Hey, that looks familiar... | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

This is the cool one: after you complete your mission on Ilum and bring the Empire there, you can return later on to discover the planet has a strange tire-track mark circled around it. Credit to VicOnTop on Reddit for finding this first, but that pattern is seen in the films - more specifically on the planet that's made into Starkiller base in The Force Awakens.

So is Ilum actually Starkiller Base? Well, considering both are frozen tundras and Ilum is filled with kyber crystals that are ideal for powering laser weapons, it seems more than likely that the First Order showed up several decades later and just built a planet-vaporizing superweapon on the surface.

TV References

Star Wars Rebels: Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're No Hope

"So, I got good news and bad news..." | starwars.com

Initially it seems this easter egg is barely worthy of the term, literally put front-and-centre of the scene: Cere taking out a Jedi holocron and giving it to Cal, whereupon it plays a little recording of Obi-Wan talking about Order 66. However, we did some digging around and it sounds a lot like they're using the audio of James Arnold Taylor playing the character in Star Wars: Rebels rather than digging out clips of Ewan McGregor. Still, neither actor is mentioned in the end credits and nobody is credited with the voice of the Jedi Master, so for now the true nature of the speaker will have to remain a mystery.

Video Game References

Titanfall: Titanfallen Order

Some droids are better than others. | Respawn Entertainment/EA

You can find out where to find every BD-1 skin on our guide here, but it's worth mentioning that those who got the game through EA Access get a skin called "Vanguard," a reference to another game made by the developers: Titanfall, mirroring the same color scheme and name as the giant robots there. As unlikely as a direct crossover seems, it'd be interesting watching Cal trying to carry one of those on his shoulders.

Now that you know every little secret homage, why not check out our guide to finding all the BD-1 skins over here? Alternatively, you can see our how-to on beating all the game's legendary beasts here, or take a peek at our review of the game to see what we thought of the final result.