Louisville police: Man killed by officers had fired first, surveillance video shows

Lousiville Police stood alongside Mayor Greg Fisher on Tuesday to share surveillance footage from the shooting death of David McAtee, which allegedly shows him firing a weapon before he was shot by authorities.

After McAtee, 53, was fatally shot by law enforcement on Monday outside his barbeque restaurant, acting Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) Chief Rob Schroeder announced that a surveillance tape had been found, showing that the business owner fired on police first, according to WLKY.

Schroeder explained that the tape still leaves several unanswered questions such as, why did he fire his weapon and why did authorities approach his business in the first place.

Police claim the footage, which has no audio and came from an adjoining business next to McAtee's, shows him firing at officers who were attempting to disperse a large crowd that was nearby.


"This video appears to show Mr. McAtee firing a gun outside of his business door, as officers who were using pepper balls to clear the [nearby] lot were approaching his business," he said during a Tuesday news conference. "This video does not provide all the answers, but we are releasing it to provide transparency. It does not answer every question including, why did he fire? And where were police at the time he fired?"

Schroeder added: "We know these are questions the community is asking, and we are asking these same questions ourselves. That is why we conduct a thorough investigation to get these answers."

He also said the Kentucky State Police and National Guard will be joining the investigation.

A family member had previously said McAtee died trying to shield his niece from the gunfire. The two LMPD officers involved in the shooting, Kate Crews and Allen Austin, were put on administrative leave, WLKY reported.


This news comes after former Lousiville Police Chief Steve Conrad was fired on Monday following news of the incident and a lack of body camera footage to explain what transpired.

Conrad was already set to retire after the FBI announced last month that it was launching a probe into the shooting death of EMT Breonna Taylor -- also from Louisville -- after she was killed when local police allegedly executed a no-knock warrant on the wrong house.

Fox News' Andrew Keiper contributed to this report.

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