Hell on wheels: Life with mutant bicycles

In 1948, a number of inspired amateur craftsmen — not content with riding mundane, conventional bicycles — took their enthusiasm to an unlikely level. See more mutant bicycles at Life.com

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    Only springs connect the rear of Maurice Steinlauf's bike with the roving front wheel.
    Wallace KirklandTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images
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    Ice Bike, with protective mittens on handles, is Joe Steinlauf's own solution to Chicago's icy winter streets.
    Wallace KirklandTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images
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    Bedstead Bike was dreamed up by Joe Steinlauf, who got the idea while lying around in bed one morning.
    George SkaddingTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images
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    Gangbusters Bike mounts 13 shotguns, two revolvers, six bayonets, flare gun.
    Wallace KirklandTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images
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    Uno-Wheel, if braked suddenly, has been known to spin its rider round and round inside the big main wheel.
    Wallace KirklandTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images
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