10 best iPhone apps you’re not using

With a robust store of nearly 1 million apps, it can be difficult to scope out new and exciting additions for your iPhone. There definitely is an app for everything, but existing and being worthwhile are not the same thing. After an exhaustive hunt, we found the jewels among the stones. Here’s are 10 iPhone apps you probably don’t know about but should be download and start using today.

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    <b>Wordly (free)</b>

    If you're a fan of word-based games and "Words With Friends" seems to be in control of your life, we have an alternative that you might have missed. In Wordly, your job is to put together the most elaborate words you can to beat out your opponent's score. Obviously, the more complex the word, the better you'll do in terms of score. The game allows you to challenge friends through turn-based messaging, and also lets you take on the "greats," including virtual versions of William Shakespeare and Cleopatra. Who knew that you could defeat Count Dracula with a well-spelled word? More: Top 25 Apps for Your Jailbroken iPhone
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    <b>Sunrise (free)</b>

    Sunrise is a fresh take on mobile calendars that uses the cloud to store important dates and events. The app pulls in different appointments from Facebook, Google and LinkedIn and combines them in one universal calendar. Scrolling through the home page gives you a seamless stream of events and birthdays aggregated from your social networks, and selecting an event will display additional information, such as a list of attendees and location. More: iOS 7 Essential Tips and Tricks
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    <b>Snapguide (free)</b>

    Ever get the urge to improve your culinary skills or learn how to play a blues solo on the piano? That’s where Snapguide comes in. This app features a collection of comprehensive how-to guides separated by category and presented in a beautiful, intuitive user interface. You can browse guides by genre, search for guides or create your own.
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    <b>LucyPhone (free)</b>

    No one likes waiting on hold, but there’s an app to do that for you. LucyPhone can be used as a middleman between your phone and the company you’re calling, and will automatically call you back when a live agent appears on the line. The free app first patches you through to the company after you provide it with your phone number. You then simply press the * key twice to disconnect when on hold. LucyPhone will stay on the line and wait while you continue with your day.
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    <b>TalkTo (free)</b>

    Business people that are consistently on the move don't really have time to find an application that can help them out. Fortunately, with TalkTo, they really don't have to. This useful – and free – program enables users to do a number of things, whether it's booking appointments, setting up a reservation for a restaurant, checking pricing and availability and more. With an easy-to-use interface and thousands of businesses available across the U.S. and Canada, it's the most practical business tool you'll ever need. Who needs phone calls when you have a helper like this?
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    <b>Sleep Time ($1.99)</b>

    It can be hard to get a good night’s sleep, but Azumio’s app detects movement during sleep and provides a soundscape to help you  nod off. Sleep Time uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to detect your movement and determine your sleep phase. An alarm will ring in the morning to wake you up when you’re in the correct sleep cycle, and the app also comes with an Instant Heart Rate meter to measure your pulse upon awakening.
    Sleep Time
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    <b>Last Time ($1.99)</b>

    Don't you hate it when you forget important things, like an anniversary, a child's birthday or a doctor's appointment? Last Time serves as an ideal appointment reminder. It keeps track of a number of events and reminds you with ease, using a simple one-tap system to both set up and remove them. In addition, it also keeps track of stuff you've done in the past, including recurring events, through a user-friendly display. You won't forget about the dentist ever again – for better or worse. More: 5 Reasons You'll Wear a Smart Watch
    Last Time
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    <b>LearnVest (free)</b>

    LearnVest lets you manage your personal expenses on the go. You can connect your financial accounts to easily monitor your spending habits and set financial goals. The app automatically tracks and categorizes every penny you spend, so you know exactly where your money is going. Unlike competing apps such as Visual Budget, you can perform as many transactions as you want free of charge.
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    <b>Dark Sky ($3.99)</b>

    Dark Sky uses state-of-the-art weather forecasting to predict when it will rain or snow. Most weather apps provide an hourly breakdown, but Dark Sky takes that even further by making weather predictions down to the minute. The app also displays a real-time radar emission to show exactly where the storm is moving, and sends a notification alert just before it’s about to rain at your location. More: 40 Best Free Apps for iPhone
    Dark Sky
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    <b>FreezePaint ($0.99)</b>

    There’s certainly no shortage of camera apps, but FreezePaint offers a fresh take on mobile photography. The app lets you build your own custom photo by capturing and duplicating different parts of your photo. Simply point your lens at an object and swipe your finger over the part of the image that you want to replicate. You can freeze the entire image as a gallery and then share it on Facebook when you’re finished.
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