LIFE on the gridiron: Old-school college football photos

In this slideshow, celebrates the players, fans, cheerleaders and coaches who made action on and off the college gridiron from 1936 to 1968 so downright picturesque. Click for more from  



    Pittsburgh vs. West Virginia, 1953. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


    Syracuse vs. Texas, 1960 Cotton Bowl. Syracuse beat Texas 23-14 behind a great performance by Ernie Davis, the first African American to win the Heisman. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


    An SMU cheerleader shows his spirit at a University of Texas football game, 1950. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


    Minnesota University's Paul Giel, exhausted after a 67-yard run which set up Minnesota's only touchdown against USC, puts an ice pack on his head, 1953. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


    Trinity's Charles Sticka, 1955. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


    Navy fans, 1953. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)
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