Photo Op-inion: Gifts We'd Like to See This Season

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, these images say it with pictures instead of words: The countdown to Christmas and the holidays has begun. Show us what gift YOU would most like to unwrap this year. Click through the images and show us your talent by creating a photo op-ed for the NEXT slideshow:   White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs weighed in on the WikiLeaks fiasco Wednesday on "Fox & Friends" saying, "Our foreign policy is stronger than one guy, with one website..." Give us YOUR take on the WikiLeaks controversy.  Send your image, full name and hometown to: [email protected] Mention if you'd like daily alerts on the next topic. None of the images were created by Fox News.



    David Ringham, IN

    2Mike S., TX

    Mike S., TX

    3mark mckitrick MI

    Mark McKitrick, MI


    Allison Denlea, VA
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