Tom Del Beccaro: If Biden wins 2020 election, his policies would damage US in 3 major ways

Elections have consequences and policy matters.

American politics is so divided these days that, for many, defeating the other party’s candidate appears to be all that matters, so much so that the candidate’s policies are almost completely ignored. In this election, however, that’s a dangerous dynamic given that Biden’s policy choices would do unprecedented damage to the United States and the world.

As a historical matter, the larger or more powerful representative governments become, the greater the gap between the major parties and their policies becomes. For instance, the history of the differences between England’s Labor Party and Conservative Party on the issue of the nationalization of industries provides the United States with a vivid example of what could lie ahead for us if our two parties continue along their current trajectories.

This November, the difference between the policies offered by President Trump and Joe Biden will be as wide as any in the last 50 years.


Biden’s Policies Would Impose An Economic Depression

Previously Steve Moore and I wrote that Joe Biden’s policies would push the United States into a depression. That is not a difficult prediction to make.

The U.S. economy is already weak with record numbers of people on government assistance in the form of unemployment benefits and loans or grants to businesses. Entire industries such as travel, schools, entertainment and restaurants are facing uncertain futures. Indeed, there is no certainty they will come back to anywhere close to pre-COVID-19 levels. Even if they did, there is no certainty how long that would take.

In July of 2008, I predicted that candidate Barack Obama’s policies would lead to poor economic times for as long as he would be president. It was an easy prediction to make because the economy he inherited was already in trouble, and all of Obama’s likely policies were only going to raise costs on doing business in America.

Obama’s tax and regulatory policies made a bad situation unnecessarily worse and gave him the worst economic record of any American President.

The magnitude of Joe Biden’s tax hikes and regulatory hikes far exceed Obama’s policies. As Steve Moore and I wrote, Biden’s policies are particularly damaging to business startups. They will drag the economy down at a time when we need to provide incentives to start-ups – not kill them off.

Beyond that, Biden’s war on energy will cripple an industry that has been a major source of the economic growth America has enjoyed for years.

Biden’s Policies Would Weaken Us and Strengthen Russia, Iran and China

President’s Trump greatest foreign policy achievement occurred without firing a shot. By unleashing the American energy industry, Trump lowered the price of energy and gained new customers around the world for American oil and gas.

Trump’s policy defunded Russia and Iran, for whom energy is their main trading commodity because they lost energy customers and access to hard currency as prices dropped.

A defunded Iran and Russia directly led to them being less provocative. Both have precarious economies as a matter of course because they are centrally planned. Less oil money for them means they have less money to spend on terror and international intrigue.

Incredibly, Joe Biden wants to empower them.

Biden’s war on energy would raise the price of energy and put Iran and Russia back in the game. Biden literally would make the United States’ economy more centrally planned, weaken it, thereby hobbling U.S. foreign policy, and enable the centrally planned governments of Russia and Iran to exploit the only lifeline they have – their oil reserves.

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The stupidity of such a policy and long-term implications cannot be understated – but it gets worse.

Who benefits most from a weaker United States? China.

China gains whenever the United States is economically weak. China is the most aggressive country in the world with enormous means. Joe Biden would unleash them as well.

In sum, the combination of Biden’s bad economic policies will not only push the United States into a depression; it will embolden our worst enemies whose fortunes will rise.

Law and Order Under Biden Would Suffer Irreversible Harm

Law and Order, like reputations, is easier maintained than recovered.


If you recall, after President Obama became president, his Attorney General dropped charges against several New Black Panther Party members who clearly engaged in voter intimidation in Philadelphia. It was a total miscarriage of justice.

Now imagine a 2021 when Joe Biden’s attorney general drops the Durham investigation. From there any illegal activity in which the BLM has engaged and those that have damaged federal statues, and on and on, will be dropped.

It won’t stop there, however. Instead, the pushover Joe Biden (as the Marxist Angela Davis has described him) will seek to redefine social justice in America at the expense of the rule of law. Finally, Democrats in Congress will reinstate discredited investigations of Republicans. Meanwhile, law and order in our major cities will continue to decline while the 2nd Amendment is assaulted as never before.


Overall, between his economic policies that will result in a depression and his social justice policies, Biden will plunge America into a new round of class warfare that will reach unprecedented heights. As we turn on each other, our attention from the world will be averted. That will give freer rein to the actions of Iran, Russia and China.

That’s what lies ahead under a Joe Biden presidency – elections have consequences and policy matters.


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