Minecraft Features

Minecraft Is the Smartest Addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Ages

Young people need to get off my lawn, but they're still a vital market for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Without Tours to Go On, Some Musicians Are Taking to Minecraft

American Football, Hana, and the organizers on why Minecraft offers a viable alternative to live shows.

USG's Top 100 Games of the Decade: #25-1

The 100 best games of the 2010s, as determined by us.

Minecraft Black Friday Deals - Games, Toys, Playsets, and More

You can't build a Minecraft deal this good.

What the Heck is Ray Tracing and Why Does it Matter for Next-Generation Consoles? An Explainer

Nvidia is pushing ray tracing very hard, so let's talk about why it matters to games.

If Fortnite and Minecraft Can't Make Sony Support Cross-Play, Nothing Will

Microsoft and Nintendo sittin' in a tree, c-r-o-s-s-p-l-a-y-i-n-g.

Starting Screen | Fortnite Battle Royale Won by Capturing the Minecraft Generation

STARTING SCREEN | Tomb Raider's ongoing success in the movie theaters, Ni No Kuni 2's excellent soundtrack, and more.

Dragon Quest Builders on the Nintendo Switch Isn't Just a "Minecraft Clone", You Platypunks.

Since there seems to be some confusion, let's review how Dragon Quest Builders differs from Minecraft. Consider it a public service.

USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite World or City in a Game?

Do you have a favorite game world/city that you wish you could play in forever?

Xbox E3 2017 Preview: More Than Scorpio, Microsoft Needs Games, Games, Games

It's hard to speculate what Microsoft may have at E3, but it needs something.

PC, Mobile, Nintendo Switch, or Console: Which Version of Minecraft Is the Best?

So you're in the market for Minecraft, but aren't sure which edition is right for you? We can help.

USstreamer: Nadia Clubs Rocks and Monsters Alike in Dragon Quest Builders at 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT [Uploaded on YouTube!]

Join Nadia this afternoon as she takes up the mallet of the legendary Builder and turns mighty mountains into Swiss cheese.

Fall Games Preview 2016: Dragon Quest Builders Makes a Fine Cornerstone for the Series' American Reconstruction

What to do if you want to increase your RPG franchise's popularity in foreign lands? The trick, as the saying goes, could be to hook 'em while they're young.

"Dragon Quest Builders is Minecraft Meets Dragon Quest!" OK, but What Does That Actually Mean?

Looking beyond the slimy blue skin of Square Enix's construction sandbox adventure.

Cover Story: Teaching Creative Thought and Expression Through Video Games

Scott Lynch's Gentleman Bastard novel series and other published works serve as examples of how video games encourage writers and other creative types to dream and grow.

5 Series That Should Shamelessly Clone Pokémon Go

Fascinated by the Pokémon Go craze, but not a big fan of the franchise? Thankfully, the idea is big enough to work beyond Pokémon....

If Nintendo Wants More Young Fans, It Needs to Embrace YouTube

Content strikes and takedown notices are not good ways to sell the YouTube generation on your games.

Minecraft Battle PvP Preview: Wield a Mighty Porkchop Against Your Foes

Stalk, fight, and survive in the Minecraft Battle PvP mini game. Your weapon is whatever you can grab.

Minecraft's Super Mario Mash-Up Pays Loving Tribute to Mario's World

The upcoming mix of Super Mario and Minecraft offers way more than a few character skins.

The State of Early Access: What it Means for Gaming, and How to do it Right

From the success stories to the fiascos, we go in-depth on one of gaming's most controversial business models.

The 15 Best Games Since 2000: The Complete List

What are the fifteen best games from the past fifteen years? Here's our complete list.

Finally, Nintendo Has Kid Appeal: Minecraft Coming to Wii U

Just imagine how difficult the inevitable Steve amiibo will be to find at retail.

Dragon Quest Builders Could be the Minecraft Gateway for Old People

A mix of old and new could be just what the reluctant need to get into the world of blocky building.

The 15 Best Games Since 2000, Number 6: Minecraft

Mojang's masterpiece is all about bringing creativity to everyone.

Nintendo and Minecraft: What the Heck Happened?

Minecraft and Nintendo should have been a match made in heaven. So what happened?

Minecraft Story Mode Is a Chance for Minecraft and Telltale to Expand

Telltale's new episodic tale set in the Minecraft universe is a chance for Minecraft and Telltale to grow.

Professor Sharkey's Bad Game Science: Exactly How Big Are Videogame Worlds?

How big are video game worlds, really? Professor Sharkey investigates.

Acquiring Success: Microsoft Buys Minecraft Dev for $2.5 Billion, Notch Leaves

Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal report that Microsoft is in talks to buy Minecraft developer Mojang.

Professor Sharkey's Bad Game Science Takes on Minecraft

How badass is Minecraft guy? Professor Sharkey breaks it all down with the power of science.

If Teamwork is the Next Big Thing, Fortnite Gives Epic a Foothold on the Future

Even though it's been brewing for years now, Epic's free-to-play defensive shooter feels very much of the moment... and not as much like Minecraft as you might expect.

Why is Hardship the New Hotness?

Eurogamer's Chris Donlan delves into DayZ, survival, and the glorious cult of cruelty.

Notch Puts 0x10c On Ice , Community Picks Up Torch

The community says, "We want our sci-fiction sandbox game anyway we can."

On Video Games, Kids and Outdoor Fun

A provocative editorial from The Times sparks some debate -- do kids really want to play video games, or are our Xboxes and PlayStations being used as babysitters?