Red Dead Online: How to Find All Legendary Animals

Red Dead Online: How to Find All Legendary Animals

We've got the locations of all the legendary animals listed below, as well as what you'll need to catch and hunt them.

As a big part of Red Dead Online's 1.2 Naturalist update, a whole roster of legendary animals has been added to the world for you discover, hunt or study respectively. We'll show you how to find all legendary animals in our comprehensive guide below.

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How to Find Legendary Animals in Red Dead Online

You can find legendary animals in Red Dead Online either by hunting them down in the main open world, or taking specific quests from Harriet that allow you to locate them. The second of these cannot be done unless you become a Naturalist, not to mention that the best way to make money and items from catching legendary animals is done in the Naturalist role.

Signing up to be a Naturalist will immediately get you a map that shows the locations of some legendary animals. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

All Legendary Animals

Below we've listed all the legendary Animals we've discovered so far in Red Dead Online, and we'll be adding more if they're added in the future. We're also in the process of writing guides for the most popular ones, so make sure to comment if you specifically want to see one explained!

  1. Cross Fox
  2. Emerald Wolf
  3. Gabbro Horn Ram
  4. Icachi Boar
  5. Inahme Elk
  6. Katata Elk
  7. Marble Fox
  8. Maza Cougar
  9. Night Beaver
  10. Onyx Wolf
  11. Ota Fox
  12. Ozula Elk
  13. Rutile Horn Ram
  14. Sapa Cougar
  15. Wakpa Boar
  16. Winyan Bison
  17. Zizi Beaver

How to Catch or Hunt Legendary Animals

Once you're in the vicinity of a legendary animal, a yellow pawprint will appear on the map, one that blinks in-and-out intermittently, similar to bounties you're chasing. Depending on whether you want to kill or sedate it, give chase (or run away, if it's a predator), while firing into it as much as possible. As far as we can tell, legendary pelts aren't altered by using specific guns, so if you plan to kill it use whichever weapon appeals to you most. Otherwise, we've laid out how to sedate an animal here.

There's no shortage of Red Dead guides to help you master the Wild West here at USG, whether it's in the single player campaign or online mode. You can find them all here at our Red Dead Guides Hub.

How to Make Legendary Animals Spawn

If you find that legendary animals aren't spawning or don't seem to be appearing at all, there are several things you can do:

  1. Use the Legendary Animal Pheromones, an item you can buy from Harriet. If there is a Legendary Animal nearby, it'll make a noise that alerts you to it.
  2. Try joining a different server and coming back to the same location on a different one.
  3. If you caught, killed or sampled that animal already, there'll be a cooldown on it respawning. We're still trying to work out what the exact length of this cooldown is, but try walking away for at least an hour.
  4. Certain animals require certain weather and times of day to appear.
  5. It's possible that another player already killed the legendary animal before you got there (this happened to us a couple of times). If that's the case, you'll still have to wait for it to respawn accordingly.

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