How to Beat Lady Butterfly in Sekiro

How to Beat Lady Butterfly in Sekiro

This is how you can easily counter and beat Lady Butterfly in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Lady Butterfly is one tough opponent in Shadows Die Twice, and it'll take skill and courage to bring her down. In this How to beat Lady Butterfly in Sekiro guide, we'll be walking you through absolutely everything you need to know about taking down the tricky boss, detailing all her attacks, and more.

How to Beat Lady Butterfly

If you're just here for the absolute essential tips on how to beat Lady Butterfly, then check out the list below. It's an easy to follow tips list on how you can beat Lady Butterfly, but we've got more detailed advice just below.

  • Lady Butterfly nearly always chains two attacks together, so use this to strike her straight away.
  • The Firecracker Prosthetic can stun her out of any attack.
  • When she's in the air, a well timed shot with the Loaded Shuriken can knock her to the ground.
  • When Lady Butterfly jumps at you from in the air, just move to the side. There's no need to dodge, and just moving lets you strike back at her.
  • When Lady Butterfly summons her allies, you can either get rid of them with a Snap Seed, or simply run away from them and wait for the allies to vanish.

Lady Butterfly Boss Fight Tips

This boss fight against Lady Butterfly is surprisingly tough, and considering that she looks as though she's easily pushing 90, Lady Butterfly will still kick your ass. Below, we'll be breaking down the fight into the two keys stages, pointing out Lady Butterfly's devastating attacks, as well as her weaknesses.

Lady Butterfly Phase One

Lady Butterfly is a boss that you want to stay as close to as possible, no matter how intimidating she might seem. Back away, and you're primed to be assaulted with a variety of ranged attacks, so stick close, lay into her with two quick swings of the sword, before deflecting the attacks that she'll send back at you.

The first phase of this fight with Lady Butterfly is actually pretty simple. The only thing you've really got to watch out for is the red kanji attack. If Lady Butterfly is on the ground and you see the red kanji, she's about to do a big sweeping attack, so get ready to jump back a fair distance.

The other red kanji attack can come from above. Lady Butterfly will periodically rise up into the air, either striking down at you from above with one standard attack, or striking down with a red kanji attack. Avoiding these is actually simple, as if you keep moving to the right, dodging while the boss is airborne, you're nearly always guaranteed to miss her attack from above.

Lady Butterfly Phase Two

And that wasn't even the real Lady Butterfly! The true Lady Butterfly will spawn at the opposite end of the arena from where you entered, so get over there as quickly as you can, and get in a few hits when she lands on the ground.

The Prosthetic Tool we'd recommend bringing to this fight is the Firecracker. It's a really good item for preventing Lady Butterfly from rising up into the air and assaulting you from above, as well as preventing her from bringing in illusionary allies to the fight, which can make life particularly difficult.

When Lady Butterfly summons in allies, you've got three options. One is to simply avoid them, running and jumping around the arena until they vanish (they usually stick around for about 15 seconds). Option two is to try and take them all on in combat, and they're actually very weak. Option three is to use a Snap Seed, which immediately dispels all illusions that are within about 6-7 meters of you.

The trouble with avoiding the illusions is that when they vanish, they form orbs of light, which immediately shoot towards you, wherever you are in the arena. You can jump and dodge you way around them, just make sure not to get caught by Lady Butterfly's actual attacks while you're doing this.

Other than this, you're really going to want to press the attack home with Lady Butterfly. Don't give her enough room to move and strike you with a charged up red kanji attack, and make sure not to get sidetracker with the illusionary fighters.

How to Cheese Lady Butterfly

In order to cheese Lady Butterfly, there's only really one true strategy outside of going a bit over the top with the Firecracker. If you've unlocked the Nightjar Slash Skill, you can repeatedly use it on the boss, as even if Lady Butterfly does someone manage to block the attack, she'll sustain massive damage to her Posture meter, bringing the fight to swift end.

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